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Q: “Why do you think Pietrus has become such a non-factor in games? Or am I missing his contributions? Particularly over this final push, I don’t get the sense that he comes into games and makes a difference. With his athleticism and energy and years in the league, I’m disappointed. I’m wondering if the open game Nellie plays hurts him because of his limited decision-making skills.” — Jim

A: I think it does have something to do with his inability to create for others (or for himself), and his relatively low basketball IQ (How many times is he going to get called for traveling on that jab step?). I think earlier in the year, when athleticism was scarce, Pietrus was needed (the Warriors had Dunleavy and a hobbled Richardson on the perimeter). Now that the Warriors are fine in the athleticism department, now that Richardson and Jackson are providing offense and defense, Pietrus’ significance decreases. When he’s knocking down his 3 and focusing on defense, he is valuable. But with Jackson, Richardson and Barnes playing small forward, if Pietrus isn’t providing, Nellie has options. They don’t NEED Pietrus. They can use him when he’s on, but when he’s not, they’ll be fine. That wasn’t the case in November and December.

Marcus Thompson

  • jim

    Just one more factor: Pietrus should decline playing for France this summer. It was a major distraction for him last year(he ended up being benched) and counter-productive to work on improving his skills.

  • Tay

    I am surpised how much Barnes has been playing over Pietrus. Its bad that even when Barnes had the bad hand he was getting minutes over Pietrus.

  • EJ

    can we do a brother-for-brother trade? i hear florent pietrus is pretty good.

  • Marcus Thompson

    As long as he doesn’t have designs on becoming the next Michael Jordan.

  • manhattanproj

    florent pietrus is about 30. pietrus should watch films of bruce bowen and mold his game after the guy. they shoot from the same spot and pietrus can be as effective of a defender as bowen.

    blog question: do you think isiah thomas is interested in j-rich, if the w’s are looking to trade him? j-rich and foyle for jamal crawford, david lee, and malik rose or someone else to make the numbers work. only the knicks have the money to go for this trade and maybe the stupidity to take on foyle’s contract. j-rich would give them a legit 2 and a semi-star. crawford would give w’s another creator and lee is a pretty good rebounder. this trade would improve the w’s.

  • ramg529

    I think it’s pretty obvious why Pietrus is pretty much a non-factor. Obviously energy and athleticism do not equate to production on the court. When you lack basketball fundamentals, physically and mentally, especially at the professional level, forget about making any lasting impressions. Sure, his ability to make the exciting play temporarily hides his many weaknesses, but the words out and has been out for quite awhile – Pietrus can’t dribble, can’t pass, can’t defend (as much as he’s touted as a defensive stopper, the dude plays stupid defense), can’t think…he’s pretty much useless. But he is handy for baseline 3’s – but essentially, that’s it.