Popovich on Monta Ellis

Interesting quote from Gregg Popovich told the San Antonio Express-News:

“Being such a young guy and to show the confidence he shows now is really impressive to me. He’s exhibiting no fear, an awareness of who he’s playing against, which is tough for a young kid to take at that in with all the players and all the games there are. I think he’s become more and more confident and more and more aggressive as I’ve seen him through the season. I think he’s pretty special.”

Marcus Thompson

  • manhattanproj

    would monta be a first round pick this year had he gone to mississippi state and had shown the same growth that he has now?

    for some reasons, i still think he would be a late, late first round pick or a second round pick. he would still be dubbed a tweener and get dropped, similar to gibson of the cavs.