Bad News

The Hornets lost and now they’re out. That’s one less team in the Clippers way who will be at full strength.
If the Warriors win out, they need the Clippers to lose at least once to get in. But where will the loss come from? (the Kings are up 34-23 Clippers in L.A.at the end of one ) If the Kings be the sorry Kings, the Clippers will win that game. Without anything to play for, the Hornets will probably rest their stars (Chris Paul has been playing hurt) and won’t be much of a foe in the season finale. That leaves the Phoenix game.
So, you should be hoping for the Spurs to beat the Mavericks today. If San Antonio loses, the Suns could clinch the No. 2 seed on Monday. Which means the game against the Clippers on Tuesday won’t be important to the Suns. If it’s a meaningless game, Nash will likely rest. Maybe even Amare, too, being he’s the only Sun to play every game.
That doesn’t look good for the Warriors.

Marcus Thompson