For the Record …

The Warriors aren’t in the playoffs yet. Hate to spill haterade on the premature postseason celebration, but all the Warriors have done (with the help of Sacramento) is regained control of their own fate. But they still have to win out. If they lose one and the CLippers win out, all this hype is for nothing.
After the game yesterday, a couple of my NBA security friends and I were discussing seeding and first-round match-ups. We pulled Matt Steinmetz into the conversation. The first thing he said was “Get past Dallas first.”
It’s so true. People have already inked 42 wins for the Warriors. But No. 41 won’t be a cake walk as was No. 40. True, the Warriors are playing great, they are exceptional at home, and Dirk Nowitzki may not play too much. Still, the Mavs have 66 wins for a reason — they know how to win.
Hopefully for Warriors fans, Nelson isn’t buying the hype and won’t allow his players to feel as if they’ve accomplished something. Overlooking Portland on the road in the home finale is dangerous. Overlooking Dallas in any arena is inexcusable.

Marcus Thompson

  • EJ

    If we don’t make the playoffs by 1 game, it’ll be Stephen Jackson’s fault. Remember that game winning 3 he hit against us for the Pacers back in Nov??

    Hey Marcus, do you think if Jax’s performance this year carries over to next year he’d get some All-Star consideration?

  • Marcus Thompson

    Don’t forget about the game-winning 3-pointer he missed in his first game as a Warrior against Cleveland.
    I don’t think he’ll get All-Star consideration because the forward position is too deep in the West. Remember, Carmelo Anthony and Josh Howard were injury replacements. Elton Brand didn’t make it.

  • Tim Dickinson

    if we don’t make the playoffs, it’s that damn ref in the gilbert game’s fault.

    I don’t worry about the warriors being up for Dallas. It’s the Portland road game I’ve got worries about. Here’s hoping the suns are motivated to nip the clips tomorrow night. And that NOK has some pride to play for on the last night of the season.

  • wg

    some speculative reasons why dallas won’t hand the warriors a W tomorrow night:

    1) pride: the warriors are 2-0 against the mavs this year, with four wins over the last two years. this, to a team that dallas likely considers inferior. so it’s not just another game to them.

    2) the warriors have shown themselves to be a matchup problem for dallas, so given a choice of first round foe, between gsw and lac, the mavs probably prefer a team they’ve beat up on, lac. and a way to further that agenda is to beat the w’s tomorrow.

    3) lingering cuban/nellie resentment.

  • Marcus Thompson

    WG, you hit it ride on the head.

  • manhattanproj

    i was just about to say #2 and #3 by wg. i’m guessing a full squad for dallas with dirt, terry, and howard. i’m pretty sure cuban doesn’t want nelly to be back in the playoffs and esp. in the playoffs against his team.

    i just hoping that the w’s wont have a letdown, thinking they are in the playoffs, and stopped the type of aggressiveness and drive that we’ve been seeing the past few weeks.

    btw, if you want to look back on the season, dont forget those blown 4th quarter leads against teams like the bucks. there were about 2-3 games that the w’s should have and could have won.

  • itsagreattimeout

    Not only are we gonna beat Dallas, we’re gonna blow them out!
    Destiny, Marcus, Destiny!

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    I agree with everything that’s been said to the effect that Dallas will bring their A-game tomorrow.

    The only thing in the Warriors favor on that score is that Dallas isn’t fighting for their lives, so don’t have as much riding on the game, even though as you’ve all said they’d like to avoid the Ws in the playoffs. But do or die desperation can work wonders in the fourth quarter of a tough game.

    Let’s hope the players know that! (From quotes from Nellie and Jack I read, it sounds like they do)

  • Vic Lim

    Some thoughts on the Phx-Lac game. I think the Suns are going to put in a good effort because anything that helps put the Warriors to pit against the conference No. 1 is a good thing for them.

  • Ricky

    Here’s my gameplan if I’m Nellie: go completely balls out in the first quarter. FORCE them to sit their guys. If we go up 20-25 as late as the second quarter, then AJ will pull the “meh we didn’t need to win anyway” card and bench the starters, making the game a little more winnable for us.

    It’s key that we give the Mavs a reason to sit their stars. The only way to do this is to crush them early and make AJ show his hand.

  • EJ

    Wouldn’t one think that Avery Johnson would like to Warriors to overtake the Lakers for the 7th seed so as not to face them in the 1st round? The Lakers have 1 game left, versus the Kings. I’m sure Phil will sit Kobe and maybe even Odom. If the Lakers drop that game and the W’s win the next 2, then that moves us up to 7 to face the Suns. It doesn’t make sense for us to play the Suns, but it works for me as long as we can make the playoffs. I’m tired of seeing Rod Higgins at Secaucus!!

    OR, I say the W’s rough them up in the first quarter. If I’m Nellie I do one of those Isaiah Thomas things and tell AJ that if he see’s Dirk or Howard on the floor, Josh Powell will make sure they get a head start on their summer vacations!

  • EJ


    Roy Shut Down
    Apr 17 – As expected, the Trail Blazers have shut down the season of rookie Brandon Roy, citing a desire to protect his sore knees from further injury.

    Roy continues to say he could play despite the swelling in his right knee, and tendonitis in his left knee, but he said he agreed with the decision that was made in a meeting that included general manager Kevin Pritchard, head coach Nate McMillan and himself.

    “It was a tough decision because you hate to leave guys out there playing,” Roy said. If we were playing for the playoffs, I would be able to play. But at the end of the day, we’re not, and that’s just the honest truth about it.” — The Oregonian

  • wg

    i guess i was wrong. but i’ll take it any day of the week 🙂

    watched a bit of the nba show on espn (fast break?), during which allan houston and greg anthony shared from personal experience instances where another team had dominated theirs in the regular season, but got blown out by them in the playoffs. the point: the playoffs are a different beast, that a series is more physical and intense and provides more of an opportunity to adjust to an opponent.

    also, they argued that dallas’ mindset is that they have their sights set on a big prize (a championship); and if they’re worried about matchup issues with a lowly 8th seed, then they have big problems.

    valid points, i thought.