Thanks, Avery!

The general did the right thing for his team by resting his key guys. Dirk Nowitzki, Josh Howard, Jerry Stackhouse and Erick Dampier spent the game in street clothes. Anything else would’ve been just stupid.
There was nothing to gain, at all. Too much to risk. Primarily, one of the key guys could get hurt, which puts a serious dent in the Suns championship plans.
But say Avery does come after the Warriors, for statement’s sake. What if Dallas loses? How crushing would that be? That give the Warriors even more confidence against Dallas should the two meet in the first round.
As it is now, the Warriors still haven’t played Dallas in a playoff atmosphere, which is what the Oracle would have had if Dallas had come to play. The uncertainty of how the Warriors will match up when the games are more meaningful, and Dallas’ experience, should be enough to make the difference.
There was no need for Avery to puff his chest out and prove a point against an eighth seed. The Mavericks won 66 games after reaching the NBA Finals. They have much bigger fish to fry than the Warriors. Anyway, his point would be better proved by beating the Warriors in the playoffs than trying to avoid them now.

Marcus Thompson