Warriors Coming Home

Warriors are landing at Kaiser Air off of Doolittle at around 12:30 a.m. tonight. If you’re interested in greeting your playoff-bound Warriors, you can go there and see them come home.

Marcus Thompson

  • James

    I hope the 4000 fans that were at Oracle know about that. How crazy would that be?

  • Tim Dickinson

    I can’t believe the W’s are back in the playoffs. What an astounding coaching job — and how awesome that the team coalesced at just the right time. I thought they were sunk after that bogus loss to the Wiz, but damn if they didn’t make us all proud.

    What do you think MTII, how many games do they win in Dallas?

  • James


    Who do you pick for COY?

  • EJ

    any comments from murphy or dunleavy?

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    After all the lowlights over the years: Webber-Nellie, Gugliotta futilely jacking up threes, a frustrated Hardaway calling Adelman a “liar,” Spree scoring 30 and the Ws losing by 20, the excitement of picking Joe Smith #1, Spree going postal on Carlesimo, picking Todd Fuller over Kobe, that whole Fuller-Duane Ferrell-Bimbo “team,” dealing Terry for Mookie, the excitement of drafting Dunleavy #3, dumping an overpaid Antawn for a bunch of nothing, Mike Montgomery.

    I’m forgetting a lot, but these are some of the most memorable disappointments in recent Warriors history. A lot of that is genuinely put in the past by this huge accomplishment by this very different Warriors squad and organization.

    It’s a new day.

  • Tim Dickinson

    Andrew, you’re forgetting the Bobby Sura/Chris Mills heyday, losing Gilbert to avoid a cap hit, the St. Jean machine, the false hopes of Larry Hughes, Nick Van Exel, and Jiri Welch, the Antawn/Carter draft-day deal, Eduardo Najera for Earl Boykins, Terry Cummings manning the post, Dampier’s terrible hands and worse moods, Dave Cowens, Donyell Marshall before he could shoot.

  • EJ

    and how can we forget…..David Wood!

  • Warrior Faithful

    clifford rozier!

  • Tim Dickinson

    That guy was awesome!

    Anybody remember Tony Farmer?

  • Chris Gatling
    John Starks
    Kevin Willis
    Danny Fortson
    Billy Owens
    Speedy Claxton

    A whole bunch of fat non-athletic centers whose names I’ve forgotten.

    We’re finally on to something now!

  • Marcus Thompson

    Don’t forget Big Vic Alexander and Byron Houston!
    My coach of the year is Avery Johnson, just slightly over Toronto’s Sam Mitchell. The worst-to-first thing has been done before. So has the success-with-less thing. Not to take anything from Sam, who has done an excellent job, but how many teams win 60 one year, then top that the next? With virtually the same team? In the age of parity, it’s often harder to stay first than become first.