Surprise Warriors Star?

So, I was thinking. Don Nelson only goes eight deep. But, in the playoffs, the good teams seem to always get some surprising contribution from some lesser-known player. Last season, Devin Harris came off the bench for Dallas and wound up being a factor. Anderson Varejao was huge for Cleveland in last year’s postseason. And who remembered Tim Thomas was still in the league before he started knocking down 3-pointers left and right for Phoenix last postseason?
It makes you wonder, who is the unusual suspect for the Warriors that will come off the bench and make some big plays in this series? Who will Nellie turn to when if foul trouble hampers his rotation?
Adonal could wind up being a factor if Dampier starts to dominate inside (Don’t laugh! Avery said Dampier was going to have a monster series). Sarunas might be called on to hit a big 3-pointer. Josh Powell could be this year’s Varejao.
Al Harrington stole my thinking on the subject when I asked him who has the best chance of being the Warriors’ unsung hero.
“It might be Kelenna,” Harrington said. “You know he can score that ball. He’s just a live body. He can do everything that we’ve got going on out there. He’s one guy you can throw right in the mix and he’ll fit in perfectly.”
Nelson can throw Azubuike on a hot perimeter player, put him in to help out on the boards, or spot him up behind the arc. However he uses Kelenna, I don’t think he’ll hurt you that much, especially in short spots. When he’s gotten big minutes this year, he’s delivered.
“Whatever he needs,” Azubuike said. “I might play. I might not play at all. I’m just making sure I’m ready.”

Marcus Thompson