Most Important Match-Up?

So, which do you think is the match-up that’s going to have the biggest impact on the series?
A: Baron Davis vs. Jason Terry?
B: Al Harrington vs. Erick Dampier?
C: Stephen Jackson vs. Dirk Nowitzki?
D: Jason Richardson vs. Josh Howard?
E: Don Nelson vs. Avery Johnson?
F: Monta Ellis vs. Devin Harris?

Don’t forget to leave your analysis/explanation!

Marcus Thompson

  • commish

    After the first quarter, Nellie vs Johnson since Nellie’s small ball won out.

  • James

    Barea vs. Azubuike

  • commish

    Baron vs the Mavs

  • sean

    i’d say jackson and dirk is the big one. jackson won that matchup and we won. i love jackson, its like the warriors have their own rasheed now. emotional, but clutch and provides toughness. if we stop dirk who else do they have? maybe terry. but we have two tough-minded players in jackson and baron. i also think richardson will come through… man it has NEVER felt this GOOD to be a Warriors fan!!!!

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    I’d have to second Sean on Dirk vs. Jackson and whoever else happens to be double-teaming.

    Can’t argue with results, either: Dirk went 4-16, and Jack shot 50% with some HUGE three-balls. Not quite as unbelievable a performance as Baron, but as important.

    The best team in the league just got SERVED by the Warriors — in Dallas!

    I can’t remember the last time the Warriors won a playoff game — much less a tone-setting game 1.

    You have to go back to the days of Terry Teagle for something like that — when was the last Ws playoff win anyway? I’m embarassed to say I can’t remember. I just remember the 3 and out versus Phoenix in ’94.

  • Tim Dickinson

    It seems the Warriors last won in 1992, nicking a game from Seattle, in what must have been the height of the Sean Kemp era.

    I can’t get over what an awesom shutdown the W’s did on Dirk. He was essentially a non-factor. They did more than contain the MVP, they damn near stopped him.

    I thought Magic had it just right in the post-game commentary on TNT. The W’s had a floor general in Barron, and the Mavericks were leaderless out there on the floor. Did Terry even play? I don’t remember him showing up. D. Harris kept them in the game with his cuts to the bucket, but they had no player with a _presence_ on the floor once Diop picked up his fourth foul.

    I’m particularly impressed with the W’s in light of the fact that only Barron and S.Jax and Barnes played well. Richardson had some key buckets, as did Monta, but they both were off their games. Pietrus wasn’t hitting his threes. Harrington had a rough night, and they got nothing out of Biedrins.

    Yet they still won.

    sweet sweetness.

  • dareedle

    There is a saying in sports that in a 7 game series, talent usually wins out, and man for man the Warriors may have more talent than the Mavs especially in the floor general position. I also like the Warriors chances because they have played 20 playoff pressure packed games as of late to get into the playoffs, compared to the Mavs who peaked at the all-star break and had nothing to play for half a season. Two match ups favor the Warriors big time (the team that rebounded from a mid season trade and injuries vs a team that coasted the entire year) and the BD vs Terry matchup. Since there is not big in the series (sorry Dirk is a perimeter player), the PG is the most critical position.

  • manhattanproj

    with all that’s been said, i would worry about devin harris a little bit more in the upcoming games. he’s been killing baron and monta off the dribble. he’s not likely to go gilbert on us and roll up 20-30 straight, but everytime the mavs got rolling, it started with him scoring easy lay-ups and leading the fast-break. so the monta vs. harris matchup should interesting. hopefully monta can shake the jitters off and play like he’s capable of. yesterday, it just didn’t seem like the monta we’ve seen out there.