Relieved Richardson

The happiest guy in the Warriors locker room was Jason Richardson.
In his playoff debut, playing in front of the largest viewing audience in his NBA career, Richardson kind of bombed.
He finished with 13 points (5-for-12 FGs), six rebounds and four turnovers with no assists. He redeemed himself late – knocking down some huge shots, coming up with timely rebounds, and getting what was perhaps the block of the season; which has been his M.O. of late – but he was far from happy about his performance.
Which is why he’s so happy he didn’t cost his team a victory.
“Maaaaan,” Richardson told me as he shook his head in disgust, while flashing a grin of relief. “But we got the win. That’s all that matters.”
Better hope he got that out of his system. The Warriors can’t win with Richardson playing like that. Dallas is going to shift to fourth gear. The Warriors will need to go up another notch, which means they need J-Rich back.
You’ve got to feel good about his chances of rebounding. He’s done it all season, and this dude has so much fight in him. That fourth-quarter block told it all. After coughing up another turnover, he hustled back and pinned Devin Harris’ layup to the glass like a Clean Air bumper sticker on a Volkswagon bug.
Now, if the Warriors get anything from Ellis, who was visibly shook out there, that would be gravy. But I expect him to struggle tonight, too. He might need a home game to gain some comfortability and relax a bit. Though he looked fine today after practice when he was drawing laughs with his dancing. He was doing some shuffle with his feet, before walking off and pointing like he was a background dancer for Sexual Chocolate.
Unlike with Ellis, the Warriors can’t afford another poor outing from Richardson. In fact, they may need a big game from him since Dallas will assuredly be focused on stopping Baron.

Marcus Thompson

  • Andrew

    I can already see jason Going off for 30 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 steals and 2 blocks.. Whose with me?

  • commish

    You know, the more I watch the Dubs (:-)the more respect I have for Nellie. He has a lot of patience with some players, certainly including J-Rich and Monta. Even though I’ve seen him pull Monta if he doesn’t like what he sees, he seems to have given J-Rich the rope he needs to play himself back into shape. Obviously Nellie has confidence in Richardson; perhaps some of that has to do with Mullie and team’s great love for J-Rich’s heart.

    I just hope Richardson can gain the consistency Baron has shown the last third of the season. If that happens I think we can play with any of the other playoff teams given the skill of the other starters and role players.