“I always wanted to know, who do you think Monta will play like 5 years from now: Gilbert, AI, Baron, or someone else?” — itsagreattimeout

I say a combination of Gilbert and Iverson, but leaning towards Iverson because he’s not physically overpowering like Gilbert. He’s got Gilbert’s explosiveness and Iverson’s knock for scoring. He doesn’t have AI’s handles — which is going to be his biggest hurdle — or Gilbert’s range. But he’s a better defender than both. He will be great at playing the passing lanes, like AI, and he’ll certainly have the moxie to come through in the clutch.

Marcus Thompson

  • Sarah H

    Hello! I have a question for you. We’ve had the same (?) mourning dove (Karina) coming to our house for about 5 years now, and who knows how long before we moved in. Each time she lays eggs, my 5 and 7 year old girls eagerly await the new babies, and name them. A few days ago, she had a baby (one this time) and the kids happily broadcast the news at school. Later that afternoon, we walked outside to find an empty nest and Karina on the lawn, the victim of a neighborhood cat. It was a very sad lesson for my girls and for me. My question is this: if another bird ever uses the nest, is there anything we can use to repel the cat? I really can’t think how he got up to where the nest is as it’s in the rafters of our porch and quite inaccessible even from the roof. Thanks.

  • EJ


  • sean

    curious analogy, but good.
    no more letdowns like in game 2.
    baron and sjax are the mourning doves.
    repel the cat!


  • itsagreattimeout

    That’s right! We can’t let those cats come into our nest and muck up the place! We must defend the youngens, especially Monta And Andris. I’m sick of losing eggs like Gilbert.