Congrats Monta!

The Warriors youngster was named the league’s Most Improved Player, edging out Sacramento’s Kevin Martin by three votes. He certainly deserves it more than Martin, or Deron Williams, who finished a distant third.
The only disappointing result of the voting was that my guy finished FIFTH! Andris Biedrins gets no love, huh?
Don’t look now, but Ellis’ career is following the same pattern of Gilbert Arenas. Expected to be a first round pick but falls to second … snatched up by the Warriors … inexplicably rides the bench until the season is lost, then plays really well when he gets the chance … comes in the following year playing like a future star … dominates in the rookie game … wins Most Improved Player Award (Gilbert won in 2002-03) … signs as a free agent with Washington … the Warriors better keep that last part from happening

Marcus Thompson

  • manhattanproj

    agree. very similar. wondering if monta will be as good as gilbert? gilbert was a closer even in his 2nd year and a good 1 on 1 player. but gil does have a 2yr edge on monta so cant compare directly. it’ll be interesting to see monta in his 3rd yr.

    btw, monta needs a better shoe deal. ?AND1?