Home Sweet Home, They Hope

The Warriors still haven’t played well yet. Jason Richardson hasn’t showed up, at least not the scorer we’re used to. Mickael Pietrus has been non-existent. Baron and Harrington weren’t very good in Game 2.
The Warriors still haven’t put a complete game together like they did the final month of the season.
That sounds like a good thing, if you think they will get it together at home. That’s cause for concern if you’re that the intensity of playoff basketball will prevent them from playing at that high level.
Certainly, their love of the jump shot hurt them in Game 2. They were in the bonus several times and failed to get to the basket. They weren’t getting any calls, but they still needed to keep pushing the agenda.
At Oracle, their jumpers had better be falling. If they are, Dallas doesn’t stand a chance. If they don’t, Dallas will almost assuredly get that one win in Oakland they need.
Will Pietrus’ corner shot fall? Will Richardson’s shot come back? Will Al return to being a 3-point marksman? Will their fastbreak return?
Oracle, here they come.

Marcus Thompson