Another Brilliant Move

Don Nelson had a nice tweak for the Mavericks to start the game. He put Andris Biedrins in the starting lineup in place of Al Harrington. It was a genius counter to the Mavericks big lineup.
Andris gave the Warriors length inside to contest the Mavericks 7-footer and rebound the ball. It also gave the Warriors a proven finisher inside. Harrington is not the factor in the paint Andris is unless he’s against a smaller defender.
Jackson milked the pick-and-roll with Biedrins for three dunks, something that wouldn’t have happened with Harrington. Plus, the Warriors uptempo game doesn’t slow down because Andris can run the floor better than most big men.
Did you see his running one-hand dunk. He took off from Walnut Creek and stretched to East Oakland.
The move also gave the Warriors more punch off the bench. As it was before, the only offense that had coming into the game was Pietrus and Barnes, which is not exactly reliable. Harrington (though he struggled again offensively) givs the Warriors proven offense off the bench, and creates a mismatch advantage when the Mavericks decide to go small — which is how Harrington got to the line for nine free throws Friday.
Your move, Avery.

Marcus Thompson

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    Believe it, Dallas! You guys are in for a choppy ride…

  • Tim Dickinson

    oh sweet sweetness. what a game.

    What’s truly amazing to me is that Harrington had a terrible game. Barnes gave them hustle, but not much else. Pietrus had one awesome rebound and a bunch of bad turnovers.

    Can you imagine what might happen if they all got it clicking?

    Point being that they’ve taken 2 games from the best team in the league while not clicking on all cylinders.

    And that crowd. man alive. you could barely hear bill walton on TV. They totally rattled the mavs. I hope sunday’s game is just as jumping.

    The best part: the warriors have proved everything they _needed_ to in this playoffs. They belong here. The took a game on the road and gave the fans a home win against the mighty Mavs.

    Now they really have nothing to prove and even less to lose. If they can just play loose, fearless ball — breaking like crazy, jacking up good threes, diving into the passing lanes, contesting any drive in the paint, they might could just win this thing. That’s two qualifiers. might and could. But damn if they haven’t given themselves a chance.

  • commish

    From the prior post Tim said: Can you imagine what might happen if they all got it clicking? Yes, we’d be the Phoenix Suns.

    However, back to AB. Did you hear Walton (Bill) or Barry (Jon) continue to call AB “the ten million dollar man”. Did AB’s agent slip a few grand into some Swiss bank account?

    Is this possible? If AB is worth $10 mil a year, what extension would they have to offer Monta, the league’s MIP? I also doubt AB would have the same impact in any other system (other than Phoenix) as he does with the Warriors under Nellie.

    All that being said, I’d like to see Cohan making sure his pen has lots of ink in it come July.

  • gswbandwagon

    Biedrins is worth at least as much as Monta on the free agent market. There is a premium for centers and Monta doesn’t have a position. Biedrins is one of the youngest centers in the league, rebounds well, is one of the quickest bigs around, has good hands, is a good finisher, is developing some post moves (doesn’t get to show them much in this offense), and has a good team attitude (most players would sulk when they go from starter to 8th man overnight with 10 games to go in the season).

    Erick freakin Dampier got 70+ million. Mullin gave Murphleavy over 100 million dollars. He’ll have to pay at least that to keep Beans and Monta. Good news is that Monta is only eligible for the MLE in year 3 if they try to reup him this offseason. They HAVE to dump to Foyle contract.

  • commish

    It is my understanding that dumping Foyle’s contract will not effect the cap hell we have to face starting next season. So unless Cohan wants to eat a bigtime cap penalty, he will have to consider moving J-Rich or even possibly Baron to have the money to extend Beans and Monta. This doesn’t include having to decide about Barnes, MP, etc. for next season. We have a serious cap problem, so it is conceivable we might even have to use Beans, Monta or J-Rich in a package deal which would include Foyle. I think Baron is untouchable but am not sure about any other player. None of what I wrote addresses our need for a serious PF to move to the next level in the West.

    I am not 100% sure about how all the cap rules apply, but I do believe Marcus does if he wants to comment.

  • Marcus Thompson

    The part about Monta being eligible for the MLE this offseason is not true. Monta is NOT eligible for an extension this offseason. The right to extend a rookie contract before the final year is only available to first round picks.
    When Monta’s contract expires at the end of next season, he will be an unrestricted free agent and could sign for up to the maximum salary with any team. The Warriors will have Larry Bird rights, which means they can go above and beyond the cap to sign him.
    Now, the only way Foyle’s salary comes off the cap is if he’s traded. If they buy him out, whatever they pay him will still count toward the cap. So if he gives them a $2 million discount per year on what they owe him, the rest would count against the cap. They need to move his contract, not buy him out, to save his money.
    And Andris could easily command five years, $50 million. There is no shortage of teams who would love a rebounding big man in his early 20s who can finish and run the floor. Phoenix, San Antonio, Memphis, Orlando, Boston, Atlanta, Cleveland, etc. They would all love to have Biedrins.

  • dareedle

    Our top 5 players are Biedrins, BD, J-Rich, Ellis and S-Jax. Unfortunately, Harrington and Foyle contracts means we will either need to keep our star of today BD, or our stars of the future in Biedrins and Ellis. Mullie needs to decide on his top three (like the Spurs) and retool drafting Euros and picking up veteran minimum players. BD has a more valuable position, but I find the J-Rich contract will be hard to move. Or Mullie can convince Cohan to bite the bullet for just the 2008-2009 campaign, and clean up the Foyle and Harrington contracts and keep the team intact.

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    Given these cap problems in the near future, and the need for a true power forward to move to a championship contender level, what do you guys think of putting Monta on the block to get Garnett?

    As soon as June 30 rolls around, the Warriors could send Harrington, Ellis, Foyle, and Jaskievicius to Minnesota for Garnett, which according to my math would work. Heck, I’d even be willing to throw in the ’07 #1 to give McHale cover to do the deal.

    I hate to lose Ellis, of course, but his stock is high, he’s young, incredibly talented, and someone you could rebuild around. Given the ages of Jrich, Baron, Jack, and Garnett, those guys need to start contending now to have a shot. With Andris starting at center with those 4, you’d have a legit shot at winning the Finals next year.

    Thoughts on either this deal, or some other combo of Ellis for Garnett and cap relief?