Unbelievable Crowd

The yellow t-shirts. The intensity sitting in the air like LA fog. The decibals at never before reached levels (I’ve been told Sleepy Floyd’s performance was comparable).
It’s something Warrior fans have never experienced.

Marcus Thompson

  • zgreat

    It’s been a long time but I wouldn’t go as far as saying never….. I remember back when we had Run TMC

  • zgreat

    It’s been a long time but I wouldn’t go as far as saying never. Warrior fans were pretty loud back in the day when we had some fellows who went by the name Run TMC

  • warriorfaninlakerland

    Thanks again Marcus for your insights on the Warriors and an amazing Friday night.

    One question: did a Bay Area writer really just feel the need to travel 400 miles south (to where I live) to make a reference to airborn water vapor, when everyone knows that the world’s most famous fog lives in San Francisco? Maybe it’s because of the line “sitting in the air like LA fog”? In San Francisco it doesn’t sit around still for too long. It has things to see and places to go.

  • DJ Johnson

    When the building was new….I can recall the energy and crowd noise in the great series against the(then St. Louis)Hawks in the 66-67 playoffs.
    Lenny Wilkens, Zelmo Beatty, Sweet Lou Hudson, Bill Bridges!
    Were quite a team and it was a fantastic series.