This is for the Series

If the Warriors win Game 4, they are moving to the second round.
Yeah, I said it.
If they lose Game 4, Dallas wins this series in seven games.
Yeah, I said it.
I just don’t see Dallas winning in Oakland. Which, as tough as it is for me to say, means I don’t see Dallas winning in this series. Well, it’s not that tough any more. The Mavericks really don’t look so dominating anymore. Despite the fact that Nellie keeps trying to pass it off as a bad week for the Mavericks, I believe the Warriors are forcing them to play poorly. Dallas has been pilfered of their confidence and swagger by what is perhaps the best No. 8 seed in NBA history.
Too many things go right for the Warriors at home, unless they’re playing the Spurs. They’re too explosive. Too intense. It’s been like that for a while now. All they need is to put it together for one more game, I think, just to really break the Mavericks’ spirit. Dirk said today that they CAN NOT go home down 3-1. He called it a Game 7 for them. What happens if they lose?
Yup, tonight’s game is for the series, ladies and gents.

Marcus Thompson

  • James


    Who would have thought we would be talking about the Warriors in the playoffs. Let alone talking about how the Warriors may advance to the second round…

    Btw, have you seen the IGN NBA 2K8 playoff simulation? It’s simulations are EERILY similar to whats going on in the playoffs now.


    Warriors beat Mavs in 5 according to this. Heat and Magic get swept… keep in mind this sim was made like 2 weeks ago. Good stuff!

  • Tim Dickinson

    That was the warrior’s gutsiest play all season. Any other game anyone can remember where they were down 9 in the first down 7 in the fourth, and they come back to win?

    Mad props to Nelson for not letting his squad wilt under the Mav’s afterburners in the first quarter. I thought for a second that this was going to be a mirror image of that W’s win over the Suns a few weeks ago. I had visions of the Mavs going for 40 in the first quarter and the W’s struggling to get the lead under ten the rest of the game.

    But they weathered every run the Mav’s had in ’em. Including that ridonkulous stretch by Stackhouse (aided by the refs and the phantom body bumps). And the airballs by Dirk that the warriors couldn’t rope in, giving Dirk two second-chance swishes.

    I’m so happy that Pietrus had a chance to shine–that put back dunk was sick, and he defied gravity on that dunk that stackhouse foiled.

    If only Monta and AH can get something going next game (Nellie’s threat to go with a six-man rotation is sure to light a fire) this series won’t have to come back to Oaktown.

    Like Matt Barnes’ new neck tatt says, ‘Believe.’

  • JustPuked

    Let’s hope you’re right and this is it for the Mavericks. I’d like nothing better than for the Dubs to be able to celebrate knocking off the Mavericks on their own home court. It’s always good when you can force another cocky Texan into a bit of humility.