Blog Question

“Given these cap problems in the near future, and the need for a true power forward to move to a championship contender level, what do you guys think of putting Monta on the block to get Garnett?” – Andrew Rosenblum

I like the way this sounds. As Andrew pointed out, a starting five of Garnett, Biedrins, Jackson, Richardson and Davis — however expensive — could contend for the West crown — especially when you throw in Barnes and Pietrus and Azubuike off the bench. The Warriors would definitely need a back-up point guard if Ellis is shipped off, and it has to be someone pretty good, like a Brevin Knight.
I could swallow this deal better if it was Andris and not Ellis that was being pawned off. Moving Foyle in the deal would also be a must, especially if the 2007 first rounder is included.
But I like the idea of trying to win a title now, not banking on potential. Monta will be, at the very least, a really good player. But will he lead the Warriors to a title? Who knows. Probably not. If you have the chance to contend for a crown now, even if it means giving up potential, I’d do it. It would have to be for a sure-bet kind of player, such as Garnett. But you know what he could do with talent around him, and the Warriors have talent.
When you’ve got a window of opportunity, you have to go for it.
That’s where, in my opinion, the Bulls blew it. Imagine if they had Pau Gasol on that squad. They passed up a chance to win now because their players MIGHT be good later. It’s much more of a certainty that Gasol next to Ben Wallace, along with two of the three young studs (Gordon, Hinrich, Deng — I would have given them up in this order) would contend for a crown, this year or next, especially as week as the East has become. They missed a golden opportunity. I would hate to see the Warriors do the same.

Marcus Thompson