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“Given these cap problems in the near future, and the need for a true power forward to move to a championship contender level, what do you guys think of putting Monta on the block to get Garnett?” – Andrew Rosenblum

I like the way this sounds. As Andrew pointed out, a starting five of Garnett, Biedrins, Jackson, Richardson and Davis — however expensive — could contend for the West crown — especially when you throw in Barnes and Pietrus and Azubuike off the bench. The Warriors would definitely need a back-up point guard if Ellis is shipped off, and it has to be someone pretty good, like a Brevin Knight.
I could swallow this deal better if it was Andris and not Ellis that was being pawned off. Moving Foyle in the deal would also be a must, especially if the 2007 first rounder is included.
But I like the idea of trying to win a title now, not banking on potential. Monta will be, at the very least, a really good player. But will he lead the Warriors to a title? Who knows. Probably not. If you have the chance to contend for a crown now, even if it means giving up potential, I’d do it. It would have to be for a sure-bet kind of player, such as Garnett. But you know what he could do with talent around him, and the Warriors have talent.
When you’ve got a window of opportunity, you have to go for it.
That’s where, in my opinion, the Bulls blew it. Imagine if they had Pau Gasol on that squad. They passed up a chance to win now because their players MIGHT be good later. It’s much more of a certainty that Gasol next to Ben Wallace, along with two of the three young studs (Gordon, Hinrich, Deng — I would have given them up in this order) would contend for a crown, this year or next, especially as week as the East has become. They missed a golden opportunity. I would hate to see the Warriors do the same.

Marcus Thompson

  • sean

    the kevin garnett dream continues. i’m loving our team too much right now to think about this. we’ve got a flowing, intense team– people are getting neck tats! but hey if there’s ever a way to get garnett– do it!

  • manhattanproj

    marcus, why are you willing to part with andris more than monta for garnett. as good as monta is, big men are harder to find, esp big men as agile and relentless as andris. if we could get kg, i would rather ship off monta. but then and again, i’m greedy, if we can get kg for al,picks, etc, that would be even better.

    if monta is gone, there is someone we can replace him with in the draft, mike conley jr. he’s not as explosive of a scorer as monta, but he’s poised and knows how to run a team.

  • commish

    This might be a very naive question, but has anyone discussed whether KG would fit with Nellie’s uptempo, small-ball system? I know KG is a great player, but would he be a good fit?

  • Marcus Thompson

    manhattanproj, you’re probably more right than I am, but if Nellie’s is the coach, I lean more towards offensive explosion. Garnett’s going to give you what AB gives you — rebounding, hustle, toughness, agility. I worry about Andris — who will get a phat contract — being duplicated by the addition of Garnett. Monta certainly won’t be duplicated.
    And I do think KG would be a good fit for Nellie ball. First of all, there aren’t many people who aren’t. But look at KG’s game, he’s athletic, in shape, intense, and likes to shoot jumpers. He’s perfect.