Heat Proves East’s Inferiority

How can you not win a game?
You’re the defending champions, one of the top seeds in the Eastern Conference and a trendy pick to reach the NBA Finals. How in the world do you get swept, Miami? Is Chicago that good, or the East that bad?
I’m going with the latter. Orlando couldn’t even make it a good fight against Detroit. The No. 3 seeded team, Toronto, is being mauled by the Nets, whom they beat out for the Atlantic Division crown.
And Cleveland, my pick to rise from the East’s rubble, is having a tough time putting away Washington — which is without two of its Big Three, including its best player in Gilbert Arenas.
Is anybody even watching those games?
The only East team that has a chance of winning the NBA crown is Detroit, and the Pistons certainly aren’t as daunting as they used to be. And don’t give me that Chicago nonsense. They’re young and quick, which was a bad match-up for the old-head Heat. The fact is, the Bulls are subpar offensively, and they lack experience and depth. I’m not buying what they’re selling — or anything out of that conference.

Marcus Thompson

  • commish

    This is a very strange posting by you, because I think it was you who pointed out the reason Dallas lost to the Heat last year is they just ran out of gas after brawling their way through the unbelievably tough Western playoff teams. So I’m not sure why you think this year would be different when an exhausted Western team (hopefully the Dubs) play the more rested winner from the East. In fact, I just finished watching Denver and San Antonio play a game similar to the one in Oaktown on Sunday–a really fierce battle, especially in the fourth quarter. I really liked your idea, which will never fly, of making the playoff teams compete based on their records, not necessarily against teams within their divisions. The team with the overall best record would play 16 and so on based solely on respective records. That is a great idea because the winner from each bracket would have (in theory)had to play teams with approximately the same degree of difficulty.

  • Marcus Thompson

    But I think the East is that bad where they would still lose to a tired West team, except for Detroit. I think the Pistons, because of their physical style of play (and maybe the Bulls because they are athletic) have enough to take the legs from the West champ. But no one else does. It was Wade that wore down Dallas last year. LeBron is the only such player remaining who has a chance of making the Finals.