Rankings: 1. Spurs, 2. Suns, 3. Warriors?

I can’t believe I’m typing this with a straight face, but the Warriors are the third best team in the league. OK, maybe it’s more accurate, reasonable, to say fourth (behind Detroit). I would listen to arguments that they’re No. 5 (Everybody’s in love with Chicago all of a sudden). But certainly no lower.
Seriously, put all records aside and rank the teams based on right now. Evaluate the roster, style of play, coaching, momentum, whatever. How would you rank the teams?
San Antonio is tops right now. Hands down. Actually, not hands down, because you could make the case Phoenix is better, though it looks like we’ll find out in a week or so. But I think the Spurs are playing better right now, against a better opponent than the Suns are facing.
No. 1. San Antonio.
That would make the Suns second. That’s a no-brainer.
No. 2 Phoenix
So whose next? Dallas? They’re not better than the Warriors. Detroit? I can go with that, though I’d like the Warriors chances. The Pistons aren’t the defensive juggernaut they once were and I don’t think they can keep up with the Warriors on offense. They are veteran (a.k.a. old) and they lack depth. But they do have championship experience. That means a lot.
No. 3 Pistons
That leaves the Warriors. I just can’t see any other team that can match-up with Golden State. Not Chicago. Not Cleveland. Not Dallas. Houston and Utah both have looked rather awful in their series.
No. 4 Warriors
In all honesty, you could make a case for having the Warriors No. 2. If you believe they’re better than the Pistons, that bumps them up to No. 3. Then that would beg the question: can the Warriors run with the Suns? Certainly possible. It would be an amazing series.
Here’s the rest of my top 10.
No. 5 Dallas
No. 6 Chicago
No. 7t Houston
No. 7t Utah
No. 9 Cleveland
No. 10 Denver

So, do I sound crazy?

Marcus Thompson

  • James

    I’d put the Warriors ahead of Detroit.

    The Warriors are just too fast.

    Faster than the Suns.

    Spurs would definitely shut Warriors down though.

  • manhattanproj

    blog question: “it’s still early to think about next season, but do you think the warriors can replicate the same type of success next season? last yr, the clippers were pretty good too, but they fail to make the playoffs this yr.”

  • commish

    Can we have this discussion after we close out Dallas? Otherwise people are going say, yes, not only did he sound crazy, he was crazy.

  • Drew

    If memory serves me correctly the Warriors swept Detroit this year, not to mention completely destroying them at home (I think they were up by 20 at the end of the first).

  • skept

    I’d say 1. Spurs, 2. Suns, 3./4. Dubs and Nuggets are very close and both are still improving.

    Just like GSW, the Nuggets took 12-15 post-big trade games to gell but then caught fire. As we type, Denver leads game 4 in the 3rd quarter. So, we may still get to see who’s better.

    However, the Dubs would take Detroit handily – way too much team speed. Odds still long they’d get that far, but right now 55/45 says they do round 3. I, for one, predicted 2 weeks ago Dubs take Mavs in less than 7, simply because the Dubs are now better. With BD maturing into THE MAN this last month, they now have 3 guys who can soemtimes will a team to victory. Dominant teams usually have two, not three such guys. Bodes well, don’t it?

  • itsagreattimeout

    Wow Marcus, you’re usually the reserved and pessimistic one. I totally agree, the Warriors are in control. If they can meet Phoenix in the WCF and Detroit in the Finals, they can win it. I believe!

  • Creepy Ross

    maybe i’m pessimistic, but we’re not even past the mavs yet. sure they’ve been playing good ball so far, but if the w’s drop game 5 – which is not unlikely – there’s going to be a ton of pressure on the team in game 6. they’ll have lost two in a row at dallas and be faced with the prospect of going back there for game 7. in this case, i don’t think 3-1 is as overwhelming as it sounds. here’s hoping al and monta show up.

  • Marcus Thompson

    For the Record, the rankings were based on “right now.”
    That said, you guys are probably right. The more I think about it, the more I am convinced Dallas can win this thing. The Warriors almost have to clinch now, though I really don’t see the Warriors losing at home — especially after winning despite how poorly they played Sunday. If they do lose tonight, as Creepy Ross said, there will be a heap of pressure on them for Game 6.

  • Marc

    I’m a die hard Warrior fan and have seen a lot of Warriors games, but I see it as a game of match-ups. Dallas has trouble with the Warriors because they can’t take advantage of them in the post. Dirk isn’t great with his back to the basket and not athletic enough to get around anyone. Dampier and Doip aren’t threats. Teams with a big man who can exploit the Warriors inside, usually fare better against the Warriors. The Spurs with Duncan, Houston with Yao(with T-Mac, which was not the case toward the end of the season), Suns with Amare, Detroit with Wallace, Utah with Boozer, Clippers with Brand, even Orlando with Howard, historically have given them trouble. These guys gobble up rebounds on both ends, prevent penetration in the lane and also can hurt the Warriors on the offensive end. As much as I love the Warriors and hope they win this series, it will be interesting to see how the Warriors match up with a team that has an offensive treat down low . . . if they can finish off Dallas.

  • Shawn Mat

    I thought San Antonio Spurs is the best basketball team this season.They are most dominant and can handled pressure than other team.Though they are veterans (A.K.A old) they have more experience to handle situation,that makes them advantage than other team in nba.They are great,they are ready to smash SUNS. Godbless SPURS TEAM. Ang ginoo maga-uban kaninyo.