Rankings: 1. Spurs, 2. Suns, 3. Warriors?

I can’t believe I’m typing this with a straight face, but the Warriors are the third best team in the league. OK, maybe it’s more accurate, reasonable, to say fourth (behind Detroit). I would listen to arguments that they’re No. 5 (Everybody’s in love with Chicago all of a sudden). But certainly no lower.
Seriously, put all records aside and rank the teams based on right now. Evaluate the roster, style of play, coaching, momentum, whatever. How would you rank the teams?
San Antonio is tops right now. Hands down. Actually, not hands down, because you could make the case Phoenix is better, though it looks like we’ll find out in a week or so. But I think the Spurs are playing better right now, against a better opponent than the Suns are facing.
No. 1. San Antonio.
That would make the Suns second. That’s a no-brainer.
No. 2 Phoenix
So whose next? Dallas? They’re not better than the Warriors. Detroit? I can go with that, though I’d like the Warriors chances. The Pistons aren’t the defensive juggernaut they once were and I don’t think they can keep up with the Warriors on offense. They are veteran (a.k.a. old) and they lack depth. But they do have championship experience. That means a lot.
No. 3 Pistons
That leaves the Warriors. I just can’t see any other team that can match-up with Golden State. Not Chicago. Not Cleveland. Not Dallas. Houston and Utah both have looked rather awful in their series.
No. 4 Warriors
In all honesty, you could make a case for having the Warriors No. 2. If you believe they’re better than the Pistons, that bumps them up to No. 3. Then that would beg the question: can the Warriors run with the Suns? Certainly possible. It would be an amazing series.
Here’s the rest of my top 10.
No. 5 Dallas
No. 6 Chicago
No. 7t Houston
No. 7t Utah
No. 9 Cleveland
No. 10 Denver

So, do I sound crazy?

Marcus Thompson