Blog Question

“It’s still early to think about next season, but do you think the warriors can replicate the same type of success next season? last yr, the clippers were pretty good too, but they fail to make the playoffs this year.”
– manhattanproj

I think the Warriors have to upgrade the roster this summer, otherwise they will be the Clippers. Maybe not miss the playoffs, but make it as a 7 or 8 seed when they’re expected to be a 4 or 5.
The fact is, the NBA is too good — the coaching, the scouting, the players — to stand pat. You have to upgrade the roster, either by the current players getting better or by getting better players.
Every roster has holes. Every team has weaknesses. The more time elapses, the more likely someone will figure out how to exploit them.
The Warriors can’t go into next season with this exact same roster and expect better results. Who says Baron can hold up under a season of this? Can Harrington be effective as a center over the course of a season? Can the Warriors survive with a turnover-prone, score-first back-up point guard?
The Warriors would be silly to think they don’t need any changes. Dallas didn’t make any significant upgrades. Neither did Miami. Neither did the Lakers or Clippers.
But Phoenix did (getting Stoudemire back). San Antonio did (adding Elson and playing Oberto more, which made them more athletic). Detroit did (signing Webber). Chicago did (adding Ben Wallace, Tyrus Thomas) Utah did (getting a healthy Boozer, and Deron improved). Houston did (by getting T-Mac and Yao on the court together more often).
The only players who you can expect to improve significantly is Monta and Andris. But will their strides be enough? I doubt it. They won’t cover up the significant rebound advantage, for starters.
The Warriors have to improve this roster to take the next step. Or they will be the Clippers.

Marcus Thompson