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“With all this weird discussion about next year going on in your blog and some in the GSoM blog, like trading for KG and so on, I might as well ask: In general, in your opinion, who has a greater trade value (in general), Monta or AB? And who would the Warriors miss more?” — commish

This is a tough one, because both players are the types that make coaches and GMs salivate. Size and scoring are the two most desired commodities in the league. Andris has size, Monta has the knack for scoring. In the end, I’d have to say Monta has the greater value because he has the more recognizable name.
You get paid in the NBA based on potential. Monta’s potential is tangible, enticing. You can see Ellis molding into the next Gilbert Arenas, Allen Iverson. You can see Biedrins molding into the next … you just don’t know.
You can’t really put a finger on how good Andris could be, and you can’t overlook the fact that this maybe who he’s going to be — an energy player. Because of that, I think Monta might be more attractive.
But then again, Andris is 6-11 and can rebound. That’s enticing, too, and what the Warriors would miss most.

Marcus Thompson

  • Marc

    Monta probably has the best trade value. I agree with you. I think the Warriors would miss Biedrins the most of his size, he blocks shots, he rebounds, and is athletic with good hands (as opposed to Foyle). I had to throw that in because Foyle can block shots and rebound also, but if you give him the ball, Foyle can’t finish off a play. you can’t teach size, and the Warriors already have a ton of scorers making Monta more expendable.

  • EJ

    Agreed. If we want to compete for a championship next season, he’d be the one to go to land a guy like KG. I say they do it!! Nellie isn’t going to be around forever and we aren’t going to be able to keep this core together for the next 5 years because of the cap (look at Phoenix’s situation).

  • sean

    sure, monta and harrington and whatever whatever for GARNETT, but NOT for Jermaine O’Neal or Gasol or anyone else “like KG”. KG is the right player and person.

  • zgreat

    If I were another GM, I’d rather have AB. Big men that can play are harder to get and few have AB’s combination of speed, mobility, hands, good attitude and a team first mentality. If he doesn’t improve at all, can you imagine how tough he’d be playing next to a true PF or C?

    Monte on the other hand has more upside, but I don’t see him as a play-off caliber starting PG if he doesn’t improve.

  • dareedle

    Ironically, Biedrins brings to the Warriors what players like Madsen, Horry and Fisher brought to the Lakers … pure intangibles from a solid role player. A true championship team is made of role players that understand their role but don’t neccessarily make ESPN highlight reels. The NBA is littered by big men that are ball hogs and perimeter scorers. By the way, Rasheed Wallace and Horry must be the most under-rated bigs in modern NBA history because they just win without the flash.

  • manhattanproj

    i’m still not sold on ellis being the next gil or ai. yes, i think monta will be a nice player, quick, explosive, plays d, can score in bunches..etc. but gil has the upper body strength to drive and finish, plus seemingly unlimited range. ai has that and 1 style handle and breaks your ankles. monta doesnt have the upper body of gil or the handles of ai. at best, i see monta being a mid-range ben gordon. monta is best for coming off the bench and be the microwave.

    but progress is hard to predict and monta is young. if we can get mike conley jr. in the draft, i wouldn’t mind sending monta away for an instant impact player. if not, keep both monta and andris. package al and picks and foyle for kg.

  • Eric

    Any news on J-Rich allegedly making an obscene gesture to fans at the close of the game? People are saying he’ll be suspended..

  • JJC

    The teams that are NOT playing now are already talking the draft and trades … but with the W’s still playing, it’s great that the W’s don’t have to start thinking about next year yet … but then again, old habits die hard, and for 12 years this is the time of the year when we would be doing this … so albeit a bit premature, I’ll add my 2 cents …

    The W’s gotta keep the core of this team together for now … that means both Biedrins and Ellis, along with BD, JRich, Jax, and Barnes. Sign Pietrus if cost effective. A possible suggested trade for the W’s would be with the Wizards … Harrington + Foyle + O’Bryant (if needed) for Jamison + Haywood. The numbers would work with or without POB, but he may be needed to entice the Wizards. Harrington and Jamison are basically an even trade, with Harrington being younger and Jamison’s contract expiring after next year … and Foyle is a good locker room presence, while Haywood wants out of DC. Do you think the Wizards would go for this trade?