Jax Rips Barkley

Stephen Jackson already shot back at Barkley for saying the Warriors going to get swept. Jackson teased Barkley for not having a ring by reminding Barkley that he has one. So, after Chuck continued dissing the Warriors, Jackson continued rebutting. Here’s what he said today:

“Chuck, I’ve been watching your T-Mobile commercials, and I see that Dwyane is really having trouble figuring out why he can’t get in your five. And I’ve figured it out — D-Wade, I hope you’re watching. The reason why you can’t get in Chuck’s five is because his five is full, and I did some investigating and I figured out who’s in his top five.
You’ve got five people in front of you: McDonald’s, Domino’s, Burger King, it was Subway, but he pushed them out for Cinnabon, and Krispy Kreme is last on his list. So, D-Wade, I mean, if you open a restaurant or something, maybe you can get in his top five, but until then, just keep shooting the commercials and hopefully you can slide in there. But Chuck’s a big eater.”

Jackson said he’s ready for whatever Barkley has to say in response. In fact, Jackson said he has three comebacks waiting. He was sure to point out it’s all in good fun:

“Chuck’s having some fun with us; we’re going to have some fun with him. Chuck, I’m happy for you, do your thing. . . . We love the motivation you’re giving us. Just be ready to put on that Warriors jersey and take that Mavericks jersey off.”

Marcus Thompson