Jax at it Again

Funny (or not so funny) story involving Stephen Jackson last night. He was walking to the team bus after the game. On the route he took, he walked past this bar inside of American Airlines Center. The bar, the front of which was floor-to-ceiling windows, was packed with Mavericks fans who, when they seen Jackson, started pounded on the glass and jeering him.
Jackson slows down and flashes a smile to the fans in jest as he walks by, soaking it in. He holds up his iced-out medallion to the people in the bar, as if be stealing the Dave Chappelle line “I’m Rich …”
Just in case they didn’t get the message, Jackson stopped, pulled out a fat wad of cash and taunted the crowd with it.
“I’m an (#%&)hole,” Jackson said as he walked away. “That’s how I got here.”
Classic Jackson.

Marcus Thompson

  • EJ

    I love it! Finally some swagger from the dubs!

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    Too funny!

    I just hope they don’t suspend him for Game 6. I still don’t get what was so provocative to the ref about his clapping. Is it just that he has a bullseye on his chest with everything else that has happened?

  • TB

    Hey EJ. U hit the nail on the head with that one. Did you see the look on Baron’s face as stood on the sidelines? That was a look to say, they can’t see us without the refs and bad shooting. I can’t wait until Thursday to stick it in the face of those obnoxious, overrated Texicans!

  • Jason

    I’m kind of worried that Jax is gonna get suspended for being ejected a 2nd time but, if it happens, I’m gonna be extremely upset if Jason Terry doesn’t get a similar punishment. What has the league come to when you get ejected for clapping but only a technical for grabbing a player and throwing him to the ground when the ball is dead? Are we suddenly more worried about the feelings of the refs than the safety of the players? What a joke!!

  • EJ

    No suspension for Jax! Though no announcement will be made, I figure the league is going to fine Kenny Mauer for ejecting Jax on one technical. If they suspend him, then they’d have to suspend Terry on principle. A UFC-style takedown gets you 1 technical while clapping gets an automatic ejection? Hmmm…

  • Warrior Mark

    After the murph-leavy era when we were the patsies of the league, its refreshing to see some athleticism flavored by swagger;Add to it the playoffs and wha la it truly is a great time out!
    Keep believing!

  • Mavswillstillwin

    Newsflash to all the warrior fans. Ya’ll received a lot of calls just to make sure the game didn’t get out of hand early and they refs kept you in it early in the third. Baron Davis, or was it J-Rich, flops almost as much as dirk. Terry isn’t stron enough to throw him down with one arm. STOP WHINING!! It’s getting old. Y’all whine almost as much as Cuban. THAT IS HORRIBLE!!

    P.S. If your players could show just a little bit of class, the refs might let you win the series.

  • EJ

    Didn’t that last post sound like….WHINING? Two words for you, guy: Tony Romo.

  • Mavswillstillwin

    2 words for you EJ–JaMarcus Russell. HAHAHA

    I can’t believe ya’ll got suckered into drafting that bum. I am a die hard SAINTS FAN from Baton Rouge. Ya’ll got Russell pawned off on you just like Aaron Brooks.


    Drew Brees for President

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    WE WIN!


  • EJ

    49ers fan actually.

    Have a nice vacation, Dirk No-show-ski!!