So, Who Do You Want to See?

Houston or Utah? The Rockets or Jazz? Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming or Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer?
The Warriors can run circles around the Rockets, who don’t have the offense to keep up with the Warriors. But you can never count out players such as T-Mac and Yao over a series. You have to assume they’ll figure out how to counter the Warriors’ scheme.
Utah are not a very good road team and they won’t stand a chance of winning in Oakland. They don’t have the mismatch advantage the Rockets have. Like Dallas, they are all guardable.
But Utah is gritty. They are a great rebounding team. They are physical. They are tough. That’s the formula for slowing down a fast team.
So, who do you want? I’m looking forward to see what you think, because it is kind of a toss-up.
I say Houston. But I admit. I’m biased. I have a lot of family in Houston.

Marcus Thompson

  • James

    I guess you missed the game where Yao was limited to 4 shots against the new Warriors.

    Yao can be negated, he’ll pass out in 20 mins trying to keep up with the Warriors.

    The rest of the starting line-up (minus T-Mac) and their bench can’t score in the NBDL.

    It’d be T-Mac vs Warriors. I choose Houston.

    Utah drags the game and would kill the Warriors in the paint. The choice is obvious to me.

  • itsagreattimeout

    Houston of course.
    WOW Marcus! What a game! I told you we’d win. And we can take Houston, too. It all depends on Baron’s health. This is unbelievable. I’m still in shock right now. It probably won’t sink in until tomorrow.

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    I think it’s a toss-up.

    “Gritty” is exactly the word for Utah. None of those guys is a true superstar, but put em all together and they can be nasty, particularly with home court advantage. The real positive is that the Ws backcourt dominates them.

    But Houston has the two superstars. Nellie obviously worked his magic in that huge win over Houston down the stretch — but T-Mac was sitting out. If you’re swarming Yao, that leaves McGrady open to work.

    I guess the question is how hard the Warriors can work to impose their style of play on these two slow-it-down teams.

    Frankly, I’m optimistic —
    Stephen Jackson was *awesome*! He was looking like his old boss Larry Bird from outside! And Baron and Barnes showed so much heart, fighting through injuries to make plays. And I loved the detail in the NY Times story about Game 6: when a minor altercation broke out in the game, Jack ran to the other side of the court so he wouldn’t get blamed for anything. Once you get thrown out with one technical for clapping, you can’t be too careful.

    The trial starts May 6, right? Any chance of a continuance?

  • Tim Dickinson

    Houston usually seems to play out of their minds against the W’s. Luther head goes crazy, or Yao looks like everything he’s capable of. But Utah seems to kill the W’s too. Sloan and his UCLA cuts. The disciplined offense executing the pick and roll or kicking it out to Memo for a three.

    I don’t like either matchup frankly — mostly because both teams play a style that veers toward unwatchable.

    I think I’d take Houston because their 4th-through-8th options are much worse than Utah’s. Deron, AK 47, Boozer, Memet and Fisher could all kill you on a given night.

    Yao and Tracy are true stars. But it’s pretty thin after that. Head might hurt you. But Howard’s not going to take over the game. Neither is Alston. Or Shane.

    Smallball limits Yao. Tracy might could carry the team. But then again so could Baron.

    Let’s just hope the real Al Harrington shows up in the second round.

  • KD

    I would definitely rather play Houston than Utah. Nellie’s small ball really harassed Yao the last time they played each other. Houston has to mostly depend on McGrady or Yao and I would really take my chances with McGrady’s back spasm. But with the way they’re playing and the hot streak they’re on right now, I’d be confident against whoever they play. Simply put, if the Warriors could beat the ‘best team’ in the NBA, the #1 seed, then they can play with anyone. Can we say contenders? What do you think?

  • EJ

    It doesn’t really matter right now. BRING ‘EM ON!! Welcome to Cameron Indoor-West!!

  • commish

    Definitely Houston. Utah has some really good players including Kirilenko, Boozer and Okur who can create significant mismatches for us. I think it will be easier for what Nellie did to Dallas to translate against Yao and McGrady.

  • manhattanproj

    i think houston and utah are similar teams, almost mirror image of one another. i guess that’s why they are playing a game 7. yao is a mismatch for the warriors. t-mac is going to get his and juwan howard always seems to play well against w’s. utah has boozer who can create hell for the warriors and krilenko that can stops a 70% healthy davis. like you said, it’s a toss up.

    whoever w’s play, i just hope they dont get over confident and have a letdown. i’m kinda worry about a 1st round over dallas hangover. except for stephen jackson, no one on the roster has enjoyed this much success before. if they lose their focus, it doesn’t matter if it’s utah or houston, w’s are going to lose.

  • dino

    honestly it wouldnt matter but being there last night with my dad was the sweetest thing we’ve ever seen .. it was our 1st NBA and PLAYOFF GAME what a sweet way to be part of history

  • EJ

    wouldn’t it be CRAZY if we took out the entire state of Texas in the playoffs? First Dallas, then maybe Houston, then finish it off with San Antonio!!

  • James


    I’ve been dissapointed in your blogs man, pick it up!!!

    How come you don’t talk about the game/series but other random stuff that just relates to the Warriors. I’d like to hear your thoughts on the series.

  • Marcus Thompson

    Dang, James! Tell me how you really feel. What is it you want to know?