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“Why is monta struggling in the playoffs?” – manhattanproj

I think it was a combination of three things. 1) He’s young. No mater how much swagger he displays, he’s still very young and immature when it comes to experience; 2) He didn’t have a decided quickness advantage. Because Devin Harris was so quick, and the Mavs frontline was so long, it was much harder for Monta to make stuff happen. His pull-ups were contested. His layups were contested. His defense was suspect because he couldn’t stay in front of Harris; 3) His handles need work. In the playoffs, your flaws get exposed. The Warriors played quite a bit of halfcourt ball, and they needed people to create. Monta had a hard time getting to the basket because they were forcing him left. If he could dribble better, he would’ve taken advantage of that better.
This is all good news because Rafer Alston and the rest of the old head Rockets are two steps slower than Monta. And he’ll have a series under his belt, so he will be better in the nerves department.

Marcus Thompson

  • James

    Seems you’ll have to visit your relatives another time Marcus.

    Can you believe Houston’s total brain fart in the last 8 seconds? My god!