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“I read your CC Times article on the Lakers needing a major fix with Kobe beginning to age out and his general frustration, and of course we saw the significant limitations of the Rockets in their loss to Utah. It prompted this question (between playoff frenzy blogging): What roster do you see the Warriors having next year? In answering this question, could you be specific in terms of whether we keep Powell and POB. In addition, I did two trade machine scenarios to try to get KG to the Oracle. Both trades worked: AB, Monta, Harrington and Foyle for KG and the other with the same players except I substituted J-Rich for Harrington. Would you make either of those trade scenarios and in your opinion, do you think KG would rather come to the Warriors or the Lakers?” – commish

First off, for any KG trade, it doesn’t matter who the Warriors are willing to give up. It matters what the T’Wolves want. It doesn’t even matter where KG wants to go. He doesn’t have a say. Minnesota can trade him to Atlanta if they want to. KG can pout, not report, etc. But he still has to go or hold out, or somehow convince the Hawks to move him.
Personally, I wouldn’t give up Andris and Monta unless I manage to get a top five draft pick (maybe top 10, if someone I really want will be there). Otherwise, Andris or Monta and the pick — Richardson or Harrington, depending on which youngster they want.
As far as the Warriors roster, Patrick O’Bryant is guaranteed through next season. The only way he doesn’t come back is if they trade him. But who wants him? Sarunas has a player option for $4 million. No way he walks away from that. But he could be used to make the numbers match in a trade. I think they keep Kelenna for the minimum. There’s a chance Powell can come back for the minimum, too, but it depends on where they are luxury tax wise. If they are in the tax, Powell is a goner. I think the re-sign Barnes. I think Pietrus is gone unless they get him for dirt cheap.
Most of it depends on whatever piece they add, assuming they add a piece. If they go out and get a four, no need for Powell. He’s never going to play. If they get another perimeter player who can create, Kelenna becomes redundant.
Zarko’s a goner. And I still think there’s a good chance Richardson is moved. If Mullin’s smart, he knows they have to add a piece, preferrably a power forward. The best way to get someone significant who can help them challenge Phoenix and San Antonio right now is to use Richardson as bait, or give up Andris and Monta.

Marcus Thompson

  • itsagreattimeout

    I miss Zarko. I really think he still has potential. He’s just the odd man out though. I’d rather cut POB than Zarko. Zarko is like Andris with a jumper.
    What was Mully thinking? That POB pick was probably the worst pick since Todd Fuller. The only consolation is that it was a really weak draft.