So, How Do You Guard Boozer?

This is going to be the key to the series, if you ask me. If the Warriors can make life hard for Boozer, they win in five. But who can they use to get it done?
They’ve used Harrington in the past, and he’s done a fair job. They could start Andris on Boozer, but then you risk getting Biedrins in foul trouble early. Either solution leaves Stephen Jackson on Mehmet Okur. Fortunately for the Warriors, he has no intention of going inside.
I would start with Andris on Boozer simply because I would rather Harrington work himself back into a rhythm. If he starts Game 1 and struggles, you may lose him for the series. Even if it means Andris gets two quick fouls, I’d take that risk. Al can come off the bench and guard Boozer, and it wouldn’t be something brand new. He’s done it before. If necessary, I would send help, like they did with Dirk, but it can’t be from Okur or Deron’s defender. I would send whoever is guarding Kirilenko and Fisher. They both have struggled from the outside.
But that’s only if Andris doesn’t work. I think his length and athleticism could bother Boozer, and Harrington is a good Plan B.

Marcus Thompson