Thoughts from Game 1

* Deron Williams is a baller.

* The Warriors have to figure out a way to do better on the baords. They gave up 20 offensive rebounds, which led to 21 second-chance points, including Boozer’s game-winner at the end.
Richardson and Barnes each had 10 rebounds, which was more than half the team’s total (36). Andris had just five rebounds. Jackson had one. Harrington had just three. Unacceptable.
The Jazz had 34 defensive rebounds (54) total. That just can’t happen. Because they couldn’t get the rebound and get moving, the Warriors break never got going. The Jazz outscored the Warriors 25-19 in fastbreak points. The Warriors never totaled fewer than 20 against Dallas.

* Utah is playing with fire by running with the Warriors. I would expect them to slow it down more in Game 2. Remember, the Warriors only need a split. They can’t keep this pace up without getting burned. Plus, they are taking Boozer out of the game by not running their halfcourt sets, because they are caught up in the Warriors’ tempo.

* Jackson should have whipped the ball to Richardson (I think it was him) in the left corner. Richardson had just hit a big 3-pointer and that leaning bank shot. He was a little warmer than Jackson, who was 5-for-14 from the field, 1-for-5 from 3-point range. It was a good look, but he has to know when he’s feeling it and when he’s not. Of course, if he makes it, this thought is irrelevant.

*Nellie’s going to have to give Monta more of a chance. I know he’s not playing well, but he never got a chance to get going. He had one turnover and missed one attempt, finishing with one point in 5:17 of action. The Warriors need him to play. They need him to get to the rim.

*STAY ON THE SHOOTERS 38! Is Okur going to do anything else. Why leave him alone on the perimeter.

*Way to show up Al! Good to see you back in action. Nice effort: 21 points on 8-for-15 shooting, including four 3s. Add some rebounds to that, get to the line more, and you are on your way.

Marcus Thompson

  • beau

    harrington was the one in the corner, but one of the jazz got back to him after coverging on Baron. It was the best shot, Jack just missed it. It’s all about the boards and staying in front of Williams. He got into the middle of the zone too easily in the 4th, and that was the key. Okur actually didn’t kill the w’s from 3 tonight, only 3-9. that doesn’t exactly bode well for the wed night. he might be due. jackson has to play well for the w’s to win. if you look back, since he’s been in oakland, when he scores 20+ and shoots 45% or better, they win. need more from pietrus and/or ellis also. and al showed up on offense, yes, but didn’t rebound and his help d was nonexistent.

  • Domino

    Dear Marcus,

    Given the Warriors lack of size, they need every rebound they can get against a tough Jazz team. So why do they constantly line up only 3 guys on the FT line when the Jazz shoot FTs? Wouldn’t it make sense to slip a 4th in there to help cut off the long rebound? I don’t see the benefit of having two guards back to get ready for offense. You don’t get to play offense if you don’t get that rebound.


  • LJ

    I just thought that Baron should have taken the last two shots at the end when he got into the paint, instead of passing the ball out to Jackson for the 3, also was it me or were there a lot touch fouls called on GS that did not get called on the Jazz

  • EJ

    if the warriors grabbed a few more defensive boards, they win that game.

    i’d like to see more ‘drive and kick’ and less ‘drive and throw up a wild shot hoping the refs call a foul’.

    the resolve on this team is amazing. they’ve had good showings on the road this playoffs (minus game 2 vs dallas). we’ll be able to steal a couple in utah. no one has been remotely successful against the w’s in oakland.

    we win the next 3, then close out again at the oracle in game 6!

  • EJ

    oh, and what do you give me for this:

    carlos boozer = oscar the grouch

  • dareedle

    Overall, the Warriors played like an overly confident team. We were lacking effort plays from rebounding, taking the ball to the basket, slashing to the lane and guarding the wide open Okur. Every time Jackson was taking the ball to the rim, his counterparts were sitting on the three point perimeter instead of banging the boards. Games like this are more indictative of our underacheiving regular season than our series against Dallas. Hopefully, we can learn to play like Detroit, who has learned to grab the opponents jugular and not give an inch. One team is playing for a championship, the other is playing for ESPN highlights. Will the Warriors show up to play our scrappy underdog style of tenacious D, or will we showboat our way into a fishing trip with Chuck?

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    Wow, Deron is a lot better than I realized.

    I fully agree with your assessment, Marcus, particularly on the boards. They have to rebound better — the good news is that I think they can. Andris having only 5 boards is really an off-night.

    Also, it was one of those nights where the Jazz were getting some breaks in terms of calls and long-rebounds and they still only barely won.

  • ADAM

    This game goes to show you how versatile the Utah Jazz are. They just won a 7 game series against a Houston team that wants to slow down and play in the half court. The Jazz matched Houston and spanked them at their own grind it out beat you up style of game. Two nights later against the W’s they beat them at their own game as well by more than matching the speed and up tempo play that the W’s bring. What really scares me is that the Jazz didn’t want to play that way and they still won the game. In the end Utah I think will eventually impose its will on the W’s and take over the series. The confidence that last night gave them knowing that they can run with us and win the game is going to be a huge factor for the W’s to overcome. To end I just want to say that Deron Williams is a freak of nature for someone that is only in his 2nd year. Superstar in the making to say the least.

  • Tim Dickinson

    I worry we’ve just seen the start of a troubling pattern. The Jazz are quick enough to run with the warriors and keep it close through three quarters. But the warriors don’t really have an answer when the Jazz slow it down and grind out possession after vital prossession down the stretch. Sloan’s system sets up good shots, and having an agile banger like boozer down low creates vital second chances. It’s that fourth quarter discipline that did in Houston in game seven, and we saw a near instant replay last night.

    The warriors were up 5 or 7 points early in the fourth, playing loose and driving to the basket before Sloan clamped down. His team came up with nice stops and clean looks at the other end. Memo bricked an open three but Boozer was there to clean up the garbage.

    I think the warriors can probably run these guys off the court at the Oracle. They feed off the crowd and take their fast break to a whole ‘nother level.

    But I think it’s going to take a minor miracle to steal one in Salt Lake if the Jazz arent afraid to run the break for three quarters themselves and then apply the breaks and seal the deal.

  • itsagreattimeout

    I thought the game was very encouraging. Despite all our problems we were able to hang with them in their stadium, and play our style of play. If all our away games are that close, we’re bound to win one of them. And that’s all we need.

  • The Jazz were called for so many non fouls. How you guys can claim no foul is unbelievable! What should worry you is this: The entire NBA is pulling for the Cinderella GSW. Not one time did TNT come back from a commercial and show a clip of the Jazz beating Houston. Every clip was of GSW beating Dallas. Charles was the only one who thought Utah will win and as soon as they went back to Reggie he disputed it. Milsap called for 3 fouls and a traveling call, 1 foul legit, he didn’t travel. Williams driving and bumping Davis, Foul on Williams. Davis driving and plowing Williams twice as hard, Blocking on Williams. Jackson flat out pushing Boozer after boozer takes the ball, ref looking on, no call. GSW were saved by the refs in the first quarter until they got their game going and the Jazz still won. Go Jazz Go!!!

  • wander7

    what about the momentum stopper that the refs got involved in when they didn’t assess the clear-path foul to the Jazz.

  • ADAM

    You can sit here and wonder about what ifs all day long. Everyone knows that the refs are going to blow calls every game for each team. Refs are exactly what they are, not computers! I am a huge W’s fan and have been a season ticket holder for years. Personally I think that the Jazz were hurt more by no calls in game 1 than the W’s. Boozer got fouled almost every other possesion by the W’s. How many free throws did you see him shoot? The W’s have only themselves to blame for the loss. They didn’t make the plays on either end of the court when they needed to in the late stages of the game. I don’t mean to be a pessimist but I think the W’s are coming home 0-2. The Jazz had 21 Turnovers in game 1 and the W’s didn’t take advantage of it, not to mention that they were out scored in fast break points 25 to 19. There are plenty of things to point the finger at for this loss, not the refs for hells sake! Thats the oldest excuse in the book. Get used to referees they’re not gonna change, they never have after all these years of complaining. Its funny because you didn’t hear any of the W’s players say a damn thing about the refs after the game. So grow up and be a man about it. The W’s have a lot of maturing to do while playing the Jazz because they aren’t going to mentally fold like the Mavs did. The W’s are lucky to be where they are and they’ll be lucky to move on. The Jazz however are where they are because they were flat out better than Houston and thats why you don’t see anyone talk about them beating them. It wasn’t so much the under dog situation that the W’s had. Thats why you only see highlights of the W’s beating the Mavs and not the Jazz beating the Houston.

  • LordByronHouston

    Carlos Boozer = Oscar the Grouch? More like Carlos Boozer = Groucho Marx.

    I love Monta to death, but unfortunately, I don’t see how we can have him and Baron on the court at the same time in this series. We need more size out there. I look for Monta to play sparingly, unless Deron Williams stays hot. In that case, I’d like to see Monta stay in front of him, and force Deron to shoot from the outside. Deron had a truly wonderful game, but before we all anoint him the next Baron Davis, let’s remember his almost pianful-to-watch inability to hit a shot the last time these times met in Oakland. He’s not unstoppable.

    I know we need to do a better job rebounding, and if that starts with crashing the boards harder and not looking to run at every opportunity, I’m okay with that. I don’t think, however, that we can change our defensive strategy on Boozer. As long as we keep fronting him, he’ll have problems offensively (like he did in Game 1), but will clean up on the rebounds. If we alter our strategy, however, he’ll get a ton of easy buckets inside and will put Biedrins, Barnes, Jackson, and Harrington all in foul trouble. I’d rather take my chances playing tighter defense and conceding the rebounding edge on defense. Okur is slow and we should be able to get out to D him up. Other than that, there isn’t anyone on the Jazz that really intimidates me from the outside. Baron/Monta can do a better job on D. Will, and there you go.

    108-97 Warriors tonight. GO DUBS!!!