Andrei Will Break You

The Warriors better learn to pumpfake, or just go for the dunk every time. Because Andrei Kirilenko is pinning stuff to the glass. That dude is so long and such a good shot blocker, it’s hard to get one off around him. He at least forces you to take an awkward shot because you know he’s lurking.
Stephen Jackson was visibly frustrated as Kirilenko made life difficult. Even when Jackson beat him off the dribble, he still wasn’t free.
Kirilenko, who had seven blocks in Game 1, said he caught the Warriors off guard with his shot blocking, because they cruised the lane against Dallas. He doesn’t expect to be such a fly swatter in Game 2.
Andrei: “You’ll see next game will be different. I think becayse they make lots of easy layups usually, there’s no pressure to go in and kick out the three-point shot. I don’t think Dallas did a good job blocking some guys, so next game they’ll be much more careful.”
I was talking to Jax at shootaround, teasing him about getting pinned to the glass so much. He said he thought Kirilenko was fouling him. Then when he looked at film, he noticed Kirilenko wasn’t touching him. He said his reach was so long, he was getting all ball despite being behind Jax.
“So, Jax,” I asked, “What are you going to do then?”
Jax responded, “Dunk on him.”

Marcus Thompson