Charity Stripe

Of all the strides the Warriors have made this year, isn’t it funny they are done in by free throw shooting. Say what you want about being outrebounded, and not getting calls, and jacking up threes. The Warriors lost Game 2 because they missed three of their final four free throws.
Free throws! Wherever he was, you just know Mike Montgomery got a chuckle out of that.
If Mickael Pietrus makes one of two with 16 seconds left, the Warriors go up by four and the game is over. If Baron makes the second of his pair with 6.2 seconds left, the Jazz need a 3-pointer instead of a wide-open pull-up 12-footer.
The Warriors missed 11 free throws Wednesday, which really isn’t that bad. They’ll be OK with 70.3 percent. The problem is they were 9-for-15 in the fourth quarter.
The real irony, though, is that the team’s worst free throw shooter, Andris Biedrins, knocked down two huge free throws with 1:31 left. Go figure.

Marcus Thompson