Andrei, Baron Will Break You

I was talking to Boozer after the game, and I asked him if they were going to give Andrei Kirilenko a hard time for his role in Baron’s dunk of the season. Boozer said they wouldn’t, because it’s the playoffs and Kirilenko needed support more than ribbing. He said they needed to keep Kirilenko’s confidence up.
But before I walked away, he added a strong eye roll and blew a gust of air through his cheeks.
“That was an amazing play,” Boozer said.
That was B. Diddy’s best dunk since taking off with a one-hand tomahawk over Chris Andersen when New Orleans came to town last season. That was his best dunk since banging on Jermaine O’Neal in the playoffs, back when Baron played for Charlotte.
Adding insult to injury, he bust Andrei in the chops on his way to embarrassing the 6-foot-9 shot-blocking specialist — and Kirilenko got the foul!
Here’s some quotage from Baron’s highlight:
Baron Davis
“I shocked myself on that dunk. Knowing we were up, I just tried my luck.”
Jason Richardson
“It was the greatest dunk I have ever seen with my eyes in person.”
Al Harrington
“Man, that was incredible. That was old B-Diddy, when he was in Charlotte. That was incredible.”

So, what was you’re impression? Where does that rank?

Marcus Thompson

  • Mr. Man Man

    That was the best eva!!!!

  • KD

    That has to undoubtedly be one of the best in game dunks in NBA history! But to do it in a playoff game in a win is incredible. They have to make a poster of that! That was the epitome of a facial and posterization! Not to mention over a premier shotblocker. I was glad someone finally put Kirilenko in his place, he’s been an enforcer on the defensive end. Baron went directly at him, and Kirilenko gave it everything he had to try to block that dunk! Incredible.

  • KD

    Did you see what they did with that dunk on Sportscenter top ten plays? I was furious when i first saw it at number 9!! But then it was at every other number including number 1. Have they done that with other plays before?! I can’t believe that same dunk was 5 of the top 10 plays HAHAHAHA!

  • Greg Crum


    If the Warriors win this series, Baron’s dunk will be the turning point/signature play.

    In games one and two in Utah, the Warriors were bullied; Andrei, Carlos, Mehet et al. pushed, clawed, grappled and overall just took it to the Warriors. How many times did Baron hit the floor…

    In game 3, with the help of the Oracle crowd, the Warriors did a “Jennifer Lopez” and said “Enough” at took it to the Jazz.

    They (excuse the sienfield/george kastanza reference here) got angry, “like an old man returning soup at a deli” and matched the Jazz’s physicality. I remember more than once AK47 just getting frustrated coming out of a rebound scrum flailing his arms and scowling at the refs and Warriors players. Nice…

    Let hope the Warriors can channel the spirits of David Wood, Brian Cardinal and continue to get in the heads of the Jazz.

    We Believe…

  • Marcus Thompson

    While Baron stole the night, did anyone notice how high Jackson was on his dunk? Man, his chest was at the rim!

  • itsagreattimeout

    MT wrote: “While Baron stole the night, did anyone notice how high Jackson was on his dunk? Man, his chest was at the rim!”
    I know!! I thought that was one of the most impressive dunks. On replay I think he lifted himself higher on the rim after the dunk. Looked good though.