I’m An Idiot!

How could I ever doubt this team? I have watched them totally dismantle teams over the last two-plus months. Yet, I still bought into the skepticism. The rebound disadvantage, and the being down in the series for the first time, and the struggles of Monta, and the fatigue of Baron, planted a seed of doubt in me. What’s wrong with me, right?
It’s partially you guys fault. Your undying belief, your blind loyalty, your Warriors logic — you pushed me to the doubting side of the line. Or maybe I was using reverse psychology, since I am ALWAYS wrong with my predictions.
Once I walked into the Arena and heard the crowd, I kind of knew I was way off base. The fact is, if the Warriors win Sunday, they very well can win four in a row. They will have all of the momentum heading into Game 5, where the Jazz can’t possibly be so confident after nearly losing twice. If Game 6 is a clincher in Oakland, no way the Warriors lose.
The only way the Warriors lose this series is if they don’t manage to pull one out in Utah, which means at the very least, it’s going seven.
So here’s a public admission of my wrongness. I guess I am still in disbelief, expecting this magical run to come to a screeching hault in old-Warriors fashion. I won’t lie. I actually thought the Warriors might lose Friday. I sincerely considered it possible the Jazz would come in, pound the boards and put the series away. But, like I said, I’m an idiot.

Marcus Thompson

  • The Game!!!!

    I Still Luv Ya!!!!!!!

  • commish

    Marcus, you are our oracle of inspiration and insight, a far cry from “an idiot”. I think you were venting your frustration–the same frustration we all felt–that we actually let two games slip away in Utah so how in the world could be overcome that sorry fact! Glad you are back on the bright yellow/gold side and not in those funky blues.

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    You’re no idiot man! You just momentarily lost sight of the fact that


  • pq

    yeah marcus stop being a hater.

  • AZJim

    As a Suns fan, I’d rather see the Jazz in the conf. finals…if we get there. But I have to say, the Jazz are way better, fundamentally, than the W’s. Barkely said it best. You only die by the long ball. Looks like it finally caught up with GS on Sunday night. They made it fun to watch, but UT will pound them into submission on Tuesday. And btw…you WERE an idiot.