Nellie Was Right to Play Monta

I wanted to write this before the game, and before Nellie acknowledged such, but I was too busy. Anyway, I thought Nellie HAD to play Monta at least 20 minutes. Not only is that the only way Monta was going to snap out of his funk, but the Warriors could not win with him getting five minutes or so. If Monta isn’t at least eating minutes, that means Baron is on the court for 46 minutes. As hard as he’s playing on both ends of the floor, he can’t possibly have enough left to carry the team down the stretch. That’s partially why they lost in Games 1 & 2.
Of course, when I got to the Oracle for pre-game interviews, Nellie was saying exactly what I was thinking (which shows he knows what he’s talking about!).
Monta was still very shaky: 3-for-8 FGs, 2 TOs (though I would’ve guessed it was like 5). But he did enough good things for him to build on. He defended much better, drawing a charge to go with two steals and a block. Now that some of the pressures off of him, and he doesn’t have to answer questions about his slump, he should be much more comfortable for Game 4. He’s due for a 20-pointer.

Marcus Thompson

  • SJ

    to me that was obvious too. i’m sure nelson knows better, but i figure monta, powell, even foyle or azabuike can match up with brewer, fisher or whomever, for at least 5 minutes.

    the other adjustment that nelson made was he stopped putting biedrins on kirilenko when williams and fisher were out. it was maddening that he had so much room to dribble and set up plays (no ball pressure and it pulled our rebounder out)

    if baron’s healthy we can win this. you gotta believe, right marcus?!