In Case You Missed It

Here’s the link to the video of Baron’s dunk over Kirilenko. I also included other Baron links for your viewing pleasure.

Baron over Andrei Kirilenko

Baron over Jermaine O’Neal

Baron at UCLA

Marcus Thompson

  • James


    In case you missed it:


  • commish

    How ironic that during the season, particularly when Baron was injured, there was so much chatter on the blogs about trading him while he still had value. I must admit I was on that wave lenght as well. Understatedly, I have to assume there will no more talk about trading Baron, even for KG. Now, that’s a thought…..

  • Syke

    Yo Marcus, just thinking back to their biggest hole in the Warrior’s lineup (a mean PF), you think a guy like Fortson would wear a City uniform again?

    At least Baron wouldn’t have to try to dunk it over him!