Warriors Drunk After Lots of Boozer

They didn’t have a chance to stop Carlos Boozer. That was flat-out embarrassing. They are going to have to run a trap at him like Dallas did to Baron in Game 5. They have to get the ball out of his hands, and fast. Because his first move is quick, and his strength is just overwhelming. Plus, he gets a way with a lot of pushing.
If he plays like that Tuesday, it’s a wrap. They have to shut him down, make Kirilenko and Okur beat you. From the way Nellie was talking after Game 4, it doesn’t sound as if the Warriors can.
“We could not handle Boozer,” Nellie said. “He’s a major star. I don’t think people really know how good Boozer is. He’s a major, major star. We can’t handle him. … When he’s healthy, he’s as good as any body out there.”
Boozer’s dominance in Utah’s three wins, whether on the scoreboard or on the glass, underscores the Warriors dire need for a true power forward. You can get away without a center in this league, especially in the West. But the Warriors need a beast of a power forward, and they need him fast. They could really make some noise if they get a proven four who can rebound regularly and defend aggressive, especially one who can post up and stick the outside shot, someone who plays with nonstop energy and tenacity.
No, I won’t say his name.
Anyway, they have to address that in the offseason. Even if it means parting with Andris Biedrins or Monta Ellis. Put a power forward on this team, especially that guy you’re thinking, and the Warriors are competing with San Antonio and Phoenix for a spot in the Western Conference Finals.
Certainly, they’ll have a better chance against Boozer.

Marcus Thompson

  • itsagreattimeout

    Just sent you this in an e-mail, too:
    Tough loss. The crowd never seemed to be in it.
    But now all the pressure is off. I think the Warriors realize now that it was a fun ride while it lasted, and that there weren’t any expectations. There certainly aren’t any now. Look for the Warriors to come out relaxed in Utah. I think this will be to their advantage. They won’t be as rattled by the crowd. They play their best when there’s no pressure. Warriors in 7.

  • EJ

    we still got this!!

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    So much for Warriors in 6…I guess I’ll need to return to my Warriors Anonymous “One Day at a Time” stance.

    And yes, Marcus I fully agree that they need a big 4 to rebound and key the fast break. Especially that guy whose name you didn’t want to mention. Rebounding and free throws are huge weaknesses on this team. Al Harrington was the only guy who played great for the Warriors last night, but obviously he can’t guard Boozer at all. He’s really a “point center,” if such a thing exists. Put put a real hoss of a 4 on this team and I think you have a legit title contender.

  • James


    Is there anyone other than “you know who” that the warriors should be targetting to fill the hole at PF?
    I just think that the asking price for him is going to be too high.

  • Marcus Thompson

    Better? No. Good option? Yes. Marion. Milicic. Nene. Elsen. Randolph. Al Jefferson. Obviously, some of these guys, the Warriors would have to go out and get. But they’d be cheaper than “him.”

  • ADAM

    Everything played out just as I said. So who thinks the Jazz aren’t a great road team now?? Well thats what happens when you think you’re just gonna roll over someone at home. The Warriors obviously bought into what everyone was saying (media included). “Oh there’s just no way the Jazz will win in the Oracle.” Well I would like to be the first one to welcome everyone back to reality. The W’s are too undisciplined to be here right now. And I am embarrased by what Baron and Jason did at the end of the game with their cheap shots and flagrant fouls. Especially Baron, our so called team leader.

  • Steve

    If the Warriors could win Game 5, I think they’d win the series. That
    said, I don’t believe they’ll win tomorrow night. Look for Utah to play
    their best game of this series and send the Warriors home “fishing”.
    Regardless, the Warriors deserve a standing ovation for their inspired
    play the last two months. The ’07-’08 season should be even more
    exciting. Speaking of which, if you’re Minnesota and the Warriors, do
    you make the following trade…….Biedrins and J-Rich for KG? I say
    “yes”. Azubuike has shown flashes of great potential, and given the
    chance to play meaningful minutes next season, could quickly make
    Warrior fans forget about losing Richardson in any trade. Also, aren’t
    Stackhouse and Nachbar free agents-to-be? Along with the previously
    mentioned trade, I’d love adding one of those guys while saying goodbye
    to Pietrus.

  • dareedle

    Would an all-star PF help our team win a championship … probably not because we would need to play healthy all year long and get favorable matchups in the playoffs. The construction of our team is geared to run, run and run just like the Phoenix Suns. Unfortunately, we have no consistent rebounder besides Biedrins, who have to been included in the package for the trade to make sense for our trading partner. If Mullie can get someone like KG or ONeil for the price of only Ellis … he should get GM of the year. Seeing the woes of Vince Carter, and the workman contribution of (coulda, woulda much maligned Oaktown native Gooden) … the Warriors have the tendency to draft for potential and simple ignore factors like free throw shooting percentage.
    Only the gifted but volatile Jackson and whipping boy Sarunas shoot over 80% which is key in playoff runs. As much as we can dream about landing KG, this series would much different if Pietrus would of knocked down those two key free throws. With no playing time to Foyle (shot blocking and rebounding) or Sarunas (high free throw percentage)… banishing our bigs (taft, diogu, Foyle and OB) … the Warriors will live with the three and die with the three.

  • You guys are sniffing glue! Why would KG want to go to Oakland? Oh yea, he wouldn’t! Best post on the thread goes to the guy who wrote “we still got this!!”

  • Marcus Thompson

    Jason, what makesw you think KG has a choice? Minnesota can trade him to wherever they want. The NBA doesn’t have no-trade clauses.

  • noder

    We believe!