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“What do you think about playing Foyle some more to contain Boozer? Can’t hurt to try it, right?” — itsagreattimeout

I don’t think it would hurt to try, but it would hurt to try for too long. Putting Foyle in slows the game down, which plays right into Utah’s hands. Plus, it gives you one less offensive option on the floor, and his presence clogs the paint. The Warriors need space, and an empty key, to take advantage of their athleticism and skill advantage.
However, if the game is already slow, as it was in Game 4, it won’t hurt to go with Foyle for the purpose of buying time and getting a fresh look to energize things. A couple of blocks and a hustle play by Foyle have been known to give the Warriors added energy, which they needed badly. So, while the Warriors were dragging, Foyle could’ve given them a spark, especially at home. Give him a few minutes to make something happen. If he doesn’t sit him back down.
It was certainly a better option than chucking 3-pointers and hoping they fall. Certainly, on offense, Adonal turns the Warriors into halfcourt team. But maybe he helps execute better. Maybe he sets better screens. Maybe he can block out Boozer better and open up offensive rebound opportunities for someone else.
It was worth a couple minutes, at least.

Marcus Thompson

  • zgreat

    I have to admit, the exact same thought crossed my mind. At the very least, maybe Adonal can tire him out faster.

  • commish

    Nellie has consistently said what sits on the bench stays on the bench. Why would he change his mind now?

  • gswbandwagon

    I think his extended stay on the bench has made people forget how bad Foyle is. Statistically speaking, the Warriors’ defensive rebounding was actually WORSE with Foyle on the floor this year. He’s a $9 million a year paperweight. They should just change his job title to community embassador and end the charade.

    He may be a fantastic human being, but he’s a bad basketball player (relative to the NBA) and a total liability in Nellie’s system. We may not win playing Nellie-ball, but we certainly aren’t going to win trying to play Utah’s style. If we’re going to play 4 on 5 offensively, we better be bringing in a Bill Russell level defender/rebounder.

    Everyone ridiculed Avery Johnson for deviating from what worked all year in game 1 of their series against us. Now many of those people want us to go to a guy who hasn’t played a significant minute in 2 months.

  • Marcus Thompson

    Execellent point, gswbandwagon

  • sean

    still isn’t it crazy to play run and gun with 6 guys? no wonder we’re “out of gas”. sure no foyle, but azabuike and powell could handle 5-8 mintues, or they could have.

    and i still don’t understand why sarunas j can kill our usa team but can’t do jack in the nba.