I Guess I’m Not an Idiot

In the latest Hoop Junki flip-flop, I just thought I’d drop an “I told you so” line. I let your passion for the Warriors, my desire for this run to continue, and that amazing Game 3 performance, trick me into thinking I was wrong initially. I knew better, but I let my heart get in the way.
Four in a row wasn’t going to happen. No way. Utah is too good, and they’re getting better. The Warriors are going to have to play near perfect, which just can’t happen four consecutive games.
They may not be able to do it for three straight games. That’s why, I’m saying the series will go seven, but I am holding my prediction as to who will win seven. The Warriors have not put three consecutive games together yet. As a matter of fact, they haven’t put back-to-back complete games together yet. They were thorough in Game 1 at Dallas, then fell a part in Game 2. They were clicking again in Game 3, and nearly blew Game 4. Games 5 and 6 were close to being two complete games, as was Games 1 and 2 in the Utah series. But both were tainted by terrible finishes.
If the pattern continues, the Warriors, following that stinker on Sunday, should play well (they haven’t played consecutive bad games yet, either). If they win, I can see them winning Game 6 at home.
But will they have enough left for Game 7?

Marcus Thompson

  • commish

    I’m just glad you’re not my bookie. I would never know which way to go. So now it goes 7 and the Warriors lose? Well, I hope you are at least right about 7 games because I sure would like to be at the game on Thursday. Now that that is settled, who will win the Democratic and Republican primaries. I have to call my bookie ASAP.

  • Arun

    So, warriors lose game:5, are are an idiot again!!

  • Marcus Thompson

    I’d be great if I were your bookie. Just go against what I say!

  • ADAM

    The W’s season is done tomorrow night at about this same time. There is no way that they win game 5 in Utah. NO WAY!! Energy Solutions Arena is harder to win at then the Oracle ever was or ever will be. AMEN!

  • Justin W.

    Lookie here: I am a true Warriors fan – more than I am a basketball realist. The basketball realists said Nellieball wouldn’t work, that we wouldn’t get into the playoffs and that we wouldn’t beat the Mavs… At this point the realists have about as much credibility as George W. Bush. Those of us who believed before they started printing shirts can feel the team’s energy. We make our judgements based on that feeling; that’s why the audience didn’t reach normal hyphy levels in Game 4; they could feel early that Dubs weren’t ready to play!

    I read a CCT article that said the Warriors are loose, back in underdog mode, and seem ready for Game 5. Unlike ADAM, I’m not ready to count them out yet (especially since a good friend with lux-box tickets promised me two of them for Game 6!!). I know the Warriors are playing a style that the pundits are still trying to pigeonhole and define, where quick points and high turnovers (i.e. anything) is possible. In other words…

    We Believe!

  • Greg Crum

    It’s simple;

    If the Warriors hit their 3’s they win, if not, they lose. Because of this, I think they always have a “puncher’s chance”

    That said, I think the Dubs lose in 7.

    I still believe…kinda

    Go Warriors!

  • If they hit their three’s they win? Well, what about stopping boozer? At least you guys have passion about your team. Boozer took the crowd out. Boozer took the warriors team out. No energy? How about, Boozer and the Jazz wore you down and beat you at your unbeatable arena. That’s reality. However, I would be trying to convince myself as well if the Jazz were down 3 games as well. Go Jazz!