Paul Millsap Went No. 47!!!

This dude is a beast. The Jazz are outrebounding the Warriors 21-4, and Millsap has seven rebounds, to go with his eight points.
Guess who went No. 38 in the draft — Kosta Perovic.
How much better would the Warriors be with Millsap? He would give them the toughness and rebounding they need. They could work in his post game. I guess its unreasonable to expect them to come up with a second-round bombshell every year, huh?

Marcus Thompson

  • EJ


    I’m not buying into the Millsap hype. He’s great when no one is boxing him out in the zone defense the W’s run. With smaller players like Barnes and Jax guarding him, he had better pull down over 10 boards! You can’t assess a big’s dominance based on his performance against the Warriors. Boozer dominated us, but he isn’t even one of the top 5 PFs in the league (I can name Dirk, Duncan, KG, J.O., Bosh, Brand, Marion, Gasol, Amare, just to support my case. I’d put all those guys ahead of Boozer). Millsap will take the same career path as Kurt Thomas, but that’s about it.

  • ADAM

    EJ, you are an idiot!! Boozer vs Gasol?? Boozer is better. Boozer vs Brand? Boozer wins! He is better than Marion and Jermaine O’neal. You need to pull your head out! Boozer dominated almost all of those PF’s you mentioned this year. He played Duncan to a draw. And you cannot compare him with Dirk because Dirk is not a inside PF. You could compare Dirk to Okur maybe. There is a reason that the W’s got by Dallas (Dirk Nowitzki), and there is a reason that they didn’t get by Utah (Carlos Boozer). I can understand that its hard to compare just off the series against us but Boozer also dominated Houston and pretty much all other teams in the NBA this year. Thats why he was an All Star!

  • Leandro


    You might want to check out Millsaps stats for the whole year, he did a fantastic job rebounding against all teams this year, AS A ROOKIE! I.e. he avg. 5.2 boards a game, some notable games are… 10 reb 2 times vs. Houston, 14 Reb vs Memphis and your Stud Gasol on March 24, so Gasol was playing that game, 10 Reb vs Denver, 17 Reb vs New Orleans and 10 vs. Phoenix and your other stud Amare. And he is only a Rookie. He is going to be pretty good. He worked the Warriors this series, Like Marcus said, pull your head out EJ.

  • EJ

    No need to get emotional guys. All I’m saying is that you can’t measure the type of players that Millsap or Boozer are based on the series versus the Warriors.

    People were salivating over what Baron did to Dallas, but Utah was able to bring him back down to Earth over the last 2 games. It’ll be different against either Duncan or Stoudemire. Yao isn’t quite the defender that the previous two are.

    Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson were beasts in the Mavs series. Nearly dominated their respective match ups. Does that make them two of the top SFs in the league? Probably not, but it was a good match up for them.

    Millsap has got to do more to impress me. Most of his numbers came from offensive boards and put backs. He’s not a low post threat by any means at this point in his career.

    Leandro, did you actually watch those games or did you look them up on ESPN.com real quick?

    And Boozer better than Brand????? PLEEEEEEEAAAAASE!!!!

  • Leandro

    Of course I did, I am a Jazz fan in Nor Cal my friend. And since when did Offense boards not count? What a lame excuse. Not everybody can get O boards, obviously nobody on the warriors can, oh, they can’t even get a defense rebound!

  • EJ

    Oh right, a Jazz fan. It makes sense now. Future Kurt Thomas. Thank you.

  • Leandro

    Maybe, but we still put the smack down on the Warriors, which more than likely will go back to the hole that they crawled from. Thank YOU.

  • EJ

    Smack down? Hole that they crawled from? That was just as bad as the “If You’re Happy and You Know It” music the Jazz PA team played to pump up the fans in the middle of the 1st quarter.

  • Leandro

    Your just mad because the Warriors fizzled and couldn’t keep up with the Jazz. Just so you know, I am laughing my butt off at you right now because of the pathetic response you posted last. This is too funny. Warriors fan is all bent out of shape and cannot come up with anything good. ha ha ha, oh man, I will have to tell my buddies about this one. The warriors had a great run against Dallas, but they had lightning in a bottle in that series. Their style is no more suited to make a run at a NBA title than Tiger Woods never winning another major ever again. The Warriors have a lot of talent, probably more than the Jazz. The style of play is what will kill them year after year if they continue like they did this year. You cannot win multiple series in the NBA playoffs by hoisting up 30+ 3 pointers a game and relying on that to win the game. We saw that happen this year, yeah, they beat the Mav’s but it is very hard if not impossible to do it 4 series in a row. When you have a team that cannot rebound worth a crap, you are going to wear down, get frustrated and eventually blow a fuse and your toast. It is just too hard to keep up that pace and make 50% of your three pointers for 4 series in a row and expect to win a championship. I am not saying that Jazz are going to win the NBA title but, they have a more balanced attack that is more suitable to at least have a higher percentage of a chance at winning a title.

  • Ej

    Good for you.

  • berkeleyphil

    Real question is who is the NEXT Millsap. This draft is deep. Might want to trade down, grap another second round pick. If you check out nbadraft.net, it’s pretty obvious that there’s going to be some gems in round 2…

    Would have loved to see Leon Powe out there this year too.

  • ADAM

    Yes thats right Boozer is better than Brand right now. Maybe the Elton Brand of a few years ago would give him a game. But if you want to rank the top 5 PF’s in the league right now then there is no way you put Brand above Boozer. Boozer dominated Brand in all of their games this year. And what the hell is your fetish with Gasol? He is just another pussy european player with no strength. Even Okur is better than Gasol. In fact you just keep watching Okur over the next few years because he is the next Dirk. They were pretty close to each other in stats this year. Which also is why Okur was an All Star too! However I didn’t see Brand or Gasol in the All Star Game. Oh I guess its because they weren’t selected!!

  • Derrick

    I agree with you ADAM, Europeans tend to be weak. The Jazz have a good thing going over there in Salt Lake City. It should be interesting to see what happens with that team over the next few years. They have a pretty good base to work with.

  • EJ

    I agree. I like Ronnie Brewer a lot (the W’s should’ve drafted him instead of O’Bryant). A backcourt with him and Williams will be pretty dangerous in a couple years. I also like CJ Miles, but I don’t know if he’ll be able to get much burn. He might go the Deshawn Stevenson route and flourish with another team.

  • beau

    boozer and brand is close, i don’t know that one is decidely better than the other. both are great with both hands, have range out to 16-17 ft, are strong as hell, and rebound the ball. boozer is a bit taller, but brand has longer arms and blocks more shots. it’s a pretty good comparison, and head-to-head isn’t necessarily the strongest indicator, since Utah’s team defense is WAY better than the clips.

    and i wouldn’t use Gasol’s 2007 as evidence of much. i think his foot bothered him more than we know, as well as playing for fratello. he’s a very skilled player (again, w/both hands), one of the very few back-to-basket 7 footers, who can go over OR around defenders.

    and boozer may have played duncan to a draw, but he’s no duncan yet.

  • Marcus Thompson

    I don’t think Boozer is much better than Brand, if any. Brand doesn’t have nearly the talent around him that Boozer has. Playing with the Deron Williams is a lot different than playing with Cassell/Livingston/Ewing/Hart. Save for Maggette, who else on that team is any good.
    Plus Brand has a midrange game that is much better than Boozers. Brand has put up 20 and 10 four times, came really close two other times. Boozer is great, but he’s new at this elite PF level. Brand’s been doing this for a while. Let’s see if Boozer has longevity first.

  • Justin W.

    You cannot win multiple series in the NBA playoffs by hoisting up 30+ 3 pointers a game and relying on that to win the game. We saw that happen this year, yeah, they beat the Mav’s but it is very hard if not impossible to do it 4 series in a row. —Leandro

    This thread started out asking if the Warriors would be better with Milsap… It’s obvious the Warriors have some deficiencies that need to be addressed. I won’t go as far as Leandro with a complete diss to their style gameplay though.

    It is true that the brute-strength game has won out in years passed but we can’t over look the fact that the league is changing (thank God). With the zone back in and the hand-check rules, the NBA is looking more international, which is why teams like Phoenix and the Warriors (& maybe the Bulls) have a greater shot at going all the way. Phoenix got pretty f’in close last year, remember? Someone will eventually crack the barrier.

    All the games the Jazz won were relatively close, with the first two games in the Warrior’s hands to win or lose until they actually lost. When the Warriors were clicking, the Jazz got blown out. Given that, if the Warriors could have gotten more from Monta earlier in the series or if we had a KG/ Stoudemire /Milsap type forward, the ending would have been much different! Alas, we’ll never know.