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“if you are kg and minny decides to let you go, finally, which team would you choose? Dallas, Lakers (get a chance to play with the best player in this era), or the Warriors? Lakers is probably the most logical choice because with him, the Kobe-KG combo can be pretty devastating and win a championship. What do you think? Btw, do you the w’s can get ray allen now that seattle is in flux?” — manhattanproj

If I’m KG, I would want to go to the Warriors. They are the better team now, and he would have much more help. KG-Kobe tandem is appealing, but who else woluld they have, considering they would have to give up anything good they have to get KG. Because the Warriors have young talent and depth, they won’t have to sacrifice the farm to get KG. So when he gets here, there will be plenty help. Plus, playing with Kobe and all it might appear, if you want your shots, anyway.
Scatch that, Dallas first if they can keep Nowitzki, and then the Warriors — though I’m not sure if two passive stars will do the trick.
With that said, I think he would go to LA if he had his druthers. He’s been stuck in a small market so long, he probably wants to feel the warmth of the national spotlight.
And, Ray Allen was on the market. Apparently, the Knicks are going to go hard after him. The Warriors could get him if they really wanted him. They have the pieces. Can you imagine him in this offense? That would be nice.

Marcus Thompson

  • itsagreattimeout

    Has Ray Allen ever missed an open shot in his career? He would be sweet to have. But I still prefer KG.

  • beau

    lakers can go after him all they want, but they don’t have enough to get him unless they offer kobe. bynum, odom, and a pick for kg? hell no. not when gs might be offering ellis, jr and a pick, or phoenix, marion or stoudemire, barbosa and a pick. lakers have no shot, unless kg says he won’t go anywhere else.

  • Marcus Thompson

    KG doesn’t have a choice. The most he could do is beg management not to trade him to a certain place. If they don’t bite, his next recourse is to hold out after the trade, or never show up, like Jim Jackson

  • beau

    yes, but teams don’t want to trade for guys who don’t want to be there, especially if the player makes it clear he won’t show. i don’t think kg would do so, but my point is, this is the only hope LA has, b/c on trade value alone, they don’t have the pieces.

  • manhattanproj

    what do the warriors need to trade away for ray allen? j-rich & monta?