Correction, Correction

I wrote in Wednesday’s paper that Baron Davis is up for a four-year, $89.9 million extension per the collective bargaining agreement. That’s not correct. Davis can only be locked up for a total of five years, not six.
Players having their rookie contracts extended can be under contract for up to six years, and free agents can sign six-year deals. But players already under contract seeking extension on non-rookie deals can only be locked up for five years.
So, Davis is eligible for up to a three-year extension worth $64.65 million, on top of the two years, $34.25 million he has remaining.
He can get up to a 10.5% raise on the last year of his contract, which is worth $17.81 million. So, if the Warriors were to lock up Baron for the maximum allotted time and the maximum amount of money this offseason, his contract would look like this:

2007-08: $16,440,000
2008-09: $17,810,000
2009-10: $19,680,050
2010-11: $21,550,100
2011-12: $23,420,150
Total: $98,900,300

How many years and how much money would you be willing to give Baron?

Marcus Thompson

  • James

    I could not give that maney to anybody as injury prone as Baron regardless of how good he is.

    I would wait another season and see how he performs this year and let the market decide his worth.

  • manhattanproj

    i’m wondering if baron went too deep into his reserves in this playoffs and shortened his career. there’s no way that baron will be able to hold up. he’s always injured and it’s hard to understand why. if he’s as durable as steve nash then yes, give him the max money. but he’s not. i would hate to see w’s tie up so much money in a player that plays 50games per season.

  • AJ


    Let’s say the W’s know Baron WON’T be able to get that type of money from another club – can they offer him less than the amount you listed? Can they offer him 3 more years but at $10 million a year? I’m sure his pride might get in the way, but if it’s presented to him that they can get a lot more talent around him if he takes less – they can go further in the playoffs. Your thoughts

  • commish

    Baron settling for less money. I seriously doubt it because it is all about “jack” in sports. Money=importance=self esteem.

    The whole thing makes me nervous, mostly because Nellie for sure won’t be around that long and how motivated will Baron be to play for another coach? And, to say the least, Mully’s track record with extensions is just horrendous. But maybe we’ve turned that corner.

    On the other hand, I’ll use Jason Kidd as the example. He has had injuries to overcome and keeps playing through them and is playing really well in the current playoffs. And Nash has his physical issues–bad back, etc. These guys are about the age Baron would be when his preposed extension would expire. I would say go for it but see if it could be four rather than five years. Don’t ask me why other than the extra 2+ million dollors.

  • JJC

    1) BD has been “rehabilitated”, and is now worth his existing max contract, which runs for the next 2 seasons. As such, it is premature to be talking about 3 years and more down the line. The only reason to do an extension now, would be to provide BD with long term security. Given the possibility of BD injury impairment, if BD wants the longer term security of an extension, he should be willing to accept it at less than max.

    2) BD’s high fly playing style makes it likely that as he gets older, his dominance will diminish … another reason to wait and see, or for a longer term extension to be at less than max.

    3) Arenas has indicated that he is willing to sign for less than max, in order to provide the Wizards with the flexibility to bring in more talent … Gilbert gets it … it is still a team game, where you need talent in the entire 5, and not just one. So does BD want to be Kobe, and try to do it by himself, surrounded by journey-men? Or can he be a team player where it counts, providing some cap flexibility to keep Ellis and Biedrins, and possibly bring in some more pieces?

    4) Finally, BD should of course, still be the highest paid player on the W’s … but the extension talk can wait until next year …

  • Marcus Thompson

    First off, Baron’s extension wouldn’t hurt the Warriors chances of getting help this summer because it wouldn’t take effect until the 2009-10 season.
    Here are the concerns with waiting. Davis has an early termination option he can use after next season. If the Warriors don’t lock him up now, and he has a breakout season, he could opt out and go to the highest bidder. Dallas, the Lakers, the Knicks — they don’t mind going over the cap and can sign BD for more than the Warriors can afford. One big year from Baron, and the Warriors could lose the one superstar they have.
    The Nets might lose Carter — who will exercise his ETO — if Charlotte throws a bunch of money at him, even though they are just one piece away from being a real factor in the East. The Sonics might lose Rashard Lewis, who will also exercise his ETO, as well because someone is likely to throw more money at him than the Sonics are willing to spend.
    There’s also the reality that if he isn’t locked up, his contract status could become a distraction, especially if he’s having a good year. Everyone will want to know if he’s playing his last year as a Warrior. Not to mention any bitterness he might feel for not being offered the contract and how that might impact the locker room.

  • manhattanrproj

    i understand your point marcus but what if baron turns into the next kenyon martin or grant hill. players that are locked into max deal only to play less than 1/3 of the games. given the injury history that baron has shown, it’s very possible. even if he doesn suffer any major injuries, those nagging injuries can still keep him off the court. that’s why hornets gave him away. the w’s then will be forever in cap hell and cant go after any big name FAs. and the fans will suffer another 13 or so years of watching the nba lottery.

  • Marcus Thompson

    To start, I never said give him a max deal, nor would I. But I would lock him up. We would have to find middle ground. Because if he has a big year, you’ll find yourself matching the max deal he was offered by Atlanta or someone.
    Is there a risk? Of course. But the alternative is not having a star player. You can’t win without one.

  • commish

    After thought: In thinking more about the question,I agree with Marcus that at least the Lakers would grab B.D. in a hot minute if he opted out after next year. Baron is from LA; and even in his press conference referenced how he thought about returning the LaLa Land to play. With as many risks are involved, I would do it. But Marcus, have you stated what you’d do? It seems you are suggesting good reasons to do it, but would you?

  • JJC

    Marcus, this BD extension question is a great discussion, as it touches on the long term strategic management of the W’s. BD is admittedly one of the key components of the W’s current success. But we all know that things can change quickly, and that diversification (NOT putting all of your eggs in one basket) is the best long term strategy. Put into the NBA context, looking at the strongest teams with the best future outlook at this time (San Antonio, Detroit, Phoenix, and Chicago), the common denominator is their balanced team composition. All of the well positioned teams have balance in the entire 5 positions. Note also that historically, all of the championship teams had team balance.

    Contrast the balanced championship teams against teams that were / are over-dependent on great individual players, like Wilt (b4 the Lakers), Maravich, Garnett, or Kobe (now) … those “superstar” dependent teams don’t win championships. Great players can’t win championships on their own … they need help to make it a 5 man game … 1 on 5, or 2 on 5 doesn’t work … especially in today’s game, you have to play 5 on 5. (A side question: Would Bird or Russell have been considered great if they did NOT win any championships? Wouldn’t they be in that same category as Malone and Barkley? Does BD want to be like the Chuckster?)

    I do agree that it would be wise to try to lock BD into some kind of an extension … but it must be within a team concept, leaving enough room to sign Biedrins and Ellis, and perhaps even add more pieces. The current NBA best practices team building trend may be to commit to multiple (4 or 5) very good players in the $8MM to $14MM range, and add a $5MM mid level here or there … instead of committing $20MM+ to just 2 great players, and hoping that the journey-men other players can hold their own … Bottom-line: sign BD to an extension if possible, but at $14MM per year tops.

  • Marcus Thompson

    Commish, I haven’t said what I would do beacuse I don’t know yet. Part of me says don’t risk it. It is so rare to find a top-tier player, lock up the one you have. Then I look at Nash, Kidd, Billups and see there is hope that BD will get even better.
    But then the injuries, the fact that Nellie won’t be around but for a couple more years (what happens if Baron doen’t like Nellie’s predecessor?).
    I know I’m dodging the answer, so I would say … a two-year extension at $15M per, or a three-year, incentive-laden extension. The problem is, I don’t think BD will except either one. He wants a max deal. No question. And if he thinks he can get it elsewhere, he won’t take a low-ball offer. The Warriors best bet at getting it done is talking him down on the money and giving him the maximun number of years, or talking him down a year or two and giving him the maximum amount of money.
    I’m thinking they will compromise at three years and somewhere between $45-55 million.

  • dareedle

    Overall, Baron has not been my favorite Warrior’s this season. His bad hamstring cost us a lot of close games in mid-season, and besides his dominance of Jason Terry and frail thin Devin Harris, he did not show up against Utah. More importantly, it seems that his great play co-incides with his Dampier like money run. Do we want to be the Suns and Mavs, have a dominant regular season and not succeed in the playoffs, or do we want to slowly move the team to a more defense focused squad like the Spurs and Mavs with long armed defensive specialists. Overall, BD body of work is filled with a lot of promise, but no ability to stay healthy or to fit in with most coaches. I would rather trade him for a serviceable big (Randolph) or let him walk than give up half my salary cap on one player.