J-Rich Staying

Chris Mullin, pressed by my esteemed colleague Tim Kawakami, maintained his stance that Jason Richardson is off the market. He said flat-out “No” when asked would Richardson be traded.
So, let’s take Mullin at his word. If Richardson is indeed untouchable, can the Warriors still land the player they need? Sounds to me like he’s willing to trade Monta Ellis, Andris Biedrins and Al Harrington — the only other desireable commodities. I’m assuming Baron is makes too much money for someone who you can’t expect to play a full season; Jackson’s legal and emotional issues assuredly scare away most GMs; and Mickael Pietrus and Matt Barnes likely aren’t enough to score the type of player the Warriors need.
That’s the entire rotation. The rest of the guys certainly won’t make another team cough up a rebounder-defender-inside scorer.
Maybe he thinks Pietrus or Harrington and the pick is enough to get it done for him, and it might be if they are targeting a smaller-named player. It might be at least be enough to move up in the draft to snatch a Horford or Wright, but unlikely. The likelihood is, if JR stays, and the Warriors make a big splash move, one of the youngsters will be gone.
My question(s) to you: Is Richardson worth losing Ellis or Biedrins? If so, which one?

Marcus Thompson

  • beau

    i would give up one (maybe both) to land kg. i would not hold on to jr and trade one of them to land an overrated “superstar” who’s skill set is a replication of the players we have (Pierce, Carter etc) and WILL NOT put this team over the top. anyone see the nj/cav series? Carter is not a top tier player. and if pierce isn’t good enough to get his team in the playoffs in the East, he’s not good enough to be the piece that makes this team a title contender.

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    I would offer Harrington, the 1st-round pick, and Monta, if Richardson is indeed off the market. (Although frankly, I would rather trade J-Rich than Harrington because Al is much more reliable from downtown). Mullin has to go for broke and back up the truck here — there’s no guarantee Baron will stay healthy, but it’s absolutely certain that he’ll only have 3-4 more years where he’s capable of playing at this level. But the idea of Baron, Jackson, Barnes, Garnett, and Richardson or Harrington, and Biedrins is awesome to contemplate.

    I love J-Rich, except for the fact that he doesn’t shoot free throws well. When your franchise player already can’t shoot free throws well, and Biedrins can’t either, having J-Rich around as another bad free thrower really hurts in close games.

  • itsagreattimeout

    C’mon Marcus. You’re too gullible. What is he supposed to say? If he takes anything other than a hard stance in public about J-Rich, how does that make him look? What if he says, ‘yeah we’ll look at trades’, and then he isn’t traded? How do you think that’ll make Jason feel and what it will do to their relationship? Of course Mullin has to say no, at least publically. He wouldn’t be a good GM if he didn’t listen to offers. Plus it ups Jason’s trade value to make him out to be the franchise cornerstone (I’m not saying he’s not).
    NBA GMing is all about posturing and playing up your value. It’s all about perceptions. He convinced Bird that Dunleavy and Murphy could be good. Last summer’s hanging on to Ike made them think Diogu was something really special. That stuck and they believed it.

  • manhattanproj

    nah, i think mullin is genuine when he said he wont trade j-rich. he would have kept dunleavy and murph had nelson not insisted on it.

    i would give up monta. a big men as active as andris is harder to find. an agile 7-footer are rare these days. just look at the ncaa and you see guys like roy hibbert the stiff. bulk up some and andris is a legit rebounder and shot blocker. he can be a game changer. not too sure about monta.

    i remember marcus saying andris is harder to imagine what he’ll be in 3 yrs. i, on the other hand, think monta is harder to get a read on. he’s not strong enough to be gilbert and not skill enough to be iverson. he’s sort of a tweener btn gil and iverson. he has the quickness but not the bulk, he has the speed but not the handle. i cant see him being a star scoring PG. i think he’s good as the 6th man and be the micorwave. trade while his value is high before he turns into the next murph.

  • EJ

    I don’t think J-Rich is going anywhere. I always like to compare him and BD with Rip and Chauncey. Chauncey is the guy the you HAVE to have on your team, and Rip is the perfect compliment. Though it’s not obvious, Rip and Jason are kinda the heart and soul of their respective squads. Can you see either of them in another uniform? They’re franchise guys without them trying to be one.

    I would much rather give up Monta in a trade. He’s got the most value. I love his game and the potential, but right now his value is sky high. And I don’t see him as the Agent Zero type of player in terms of taking over the league.

  • Mark

    I would trade J-Rich if it yielded something better in return, but I would not trade him just to do a salary dump like we did with Derek Fisher. J-Rich is expendable, his game is very limited. He can catch and shoot, he can come off of a down screen and shoot, he can post up some because he’s a big 2-guard. He has very limited ball-handling skills and cannot create his own shot or someone else’s shot. Defensively he can rebound a little and he has great leaping ability, but he is a terrible on-the-ball-defender with very limited lateral quickness. Having said that, there aren’t many 2-guards in the league with his size, leaping and shooting ability, so unless we got a Garnett or O’Neal, I wouldn’t sell him. Monta should be untouchable. He’s improved so much already. He is lightning quick. He can create. He can defend. The sky is the limit on this kid, whereas with J-Rich you know what you’re getting. Biedrins is more expendable because he’s so limited on offense: he can’t post up much and if he gets fouled its a nightmare. Unless he adds 35 pounds and a post-up game (a lot to ask) I don’t think he will be a great center.

  • itsagreattimeout

    The problem with trading Ellis is that we would need to get a backup PG, which will cost us more money and fill up another roster spot.
    Ellis has shown he can back up Baron when needed

  • EJ

    The problem with trading Biedrins is you have to play Foyle. YIKES!!

  • joe

    Give up Ellis and Keep Andris.

    Andris is younger and has a bigger upside as a 6’11” center.

    Ellis was a steal in rnd 2 but a guy like him is draftable in the mid first round (18th position).

    GSW can find a PG in the NBDL and multi purpose wing-man like Barnes in FA but GSW are not finding a good center for cheap.

  • commish

    I could be way off, but I think Mully will do whatever Nellie needs–within reason. Do you think Mully wanted to FINALLY swallow his pride and trade Murph and Dunleavy? It took Nellie to make that happen. Mully not only penned these guys to unbelievable extensions, but kept playing them under Monte. Neelie would have none of that and Mully gave him his way.

    I don’t think anyone is untradeable except Baron, assuming Nellie stays. After all, this is a business and the Warriors, along with their management, will be under great pressure to do even better than this amazing year. So trade whoever makes us a better team. I liked watchng us in the playoffs.

  • manhattanproj

    itsagreattimeout, i dont agree that ellis has shown the ability to backup davis. that’s why davis play 40 some minutes in the playoffs. ellis is way too casual with the ball and doesnt have the handle to beat his man off the dribble. dont think either will change as he progresses. what he has shown is that he will never be a pg. his game is similar to barbosa or ben gordan in that they can score but dont see the court very well.

    if mike conley jr. is available when the w’s pick in the draft, i wouldnt mind trading ellis to get a star veteran. conley jr. has the speed and quickness that ellis has but doesnt have ellis leaping ability. but conley is a true pg and has the ability to beat his man off the dribble. he’s alot like tony parker.

  • Marcus Thompson

    Gullible, itsagreattimeout? C’mon. You think I believe the same GM that told us Monty was staying? Be real. This was just for the sake of conversation. If it takes JR to get KG, I think he pulls the trigger. Especially if, as commish said, Nellie wants it. Mullin will do what Nellie wants. Bottom line. Nellie won’t shed a tear for J.R., believe me.
    And anyone who says Ellis has shown he can play back-up PG hasn’t seen the Warriors play. Oh, was that you itsagreattimeout? I’m disappointed in you. Ellis can’t dribble with his left hand. His assist-to-turnover ratio competes with my muscle-to-fat ratio. I love Monta’s game, especially with this lineup. But I can see his ceiling. You don’t learn how to dribble in the NBA. You learn how to pull off a move, but you don’t learn how to beat double teams, improvise in the lane, beat defenders while keeping vision of your teammates. I think Conley Jr. is exactly who the Warriors need to draft. And I would keep Andris over Ellis. As good a scorer as Ellis can be, athletic 6-11 big men are much more rare. Andris has already made tremendous strides. And remember, he was the one player in Game 2 who made his free throws down the stretch. That says something.

  • zgreat

    Given the present roster, I think AB is the most irreplaceable Warrior. The Warriors are such a poor rebounding team, I can’t seem them improving to average in this area if they trade AB, even if it’s a package for Garnett.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t change the personell. Improve on what we have, its been a long time since they made the playoffs and trading Mitch Richmond ruined our last playoff team.

    Mullin put together a contender that is young enough to bettter their weakness’.

    The current team can become stronger physically so the Jazz, Pistons, Suns and Spurs don’t continually out-rebound us.

    Let the team grow together. Powell could develope more this offseason to increase his gametime play to the speed we need, if he does, along with Jackson, Harrington and Beidrins, we can get a strong presence in the paint for rebounds.

    JR, BD, AH, SJ and Monta all can work together to drive the basket more frequently than this past season. The games we lost, typically we looked bad rebounding and breaking the paint. If we can drive to the rim with more consitency, the 3-pointers won’t be needed as often, but we could see a huge increase in both assists and FG%

  • commish

    Jokingly, I can see why your name is Annoymous. By that I mean did you see the box scores of the Utah series. We were murdered on the boards. How could you suggest keeping the same lineup unless you mean by having a “young” team, some of the guys might grow several inches over the summer and find the heart to fight for rebounds. Right now only AB and Barnes show me any consistent desire in that area with flashes from all the other players. But they are just too undersized to compete with bigger, stronger players. Just look at our games against the Fakers, not to mention Utah.

  • Brian

    Resign Monta Ellis, resign Mickael Pietrus, and ship Ellis, Pietrus, Biedrins to Minnesota for Garnett. This actually might be a little unfair for the Warriors so Minnesota would have to add a 2nd round or a reserve in.

  • Mister Mitty

    I see us trading JRich, Monta, Harrington, Pietrus and our 1st for Garnett and their 1st.

    We draft Conley w/ the 7th pick or an athletic 4 for when Garnett retires or opts out of his contract.

    We get our backup and future PG and our star 4.

    Then we sign and trade Gerald Wallace for Barnes, Foyle, and next year’s no. 1 pick.

    Sign a vet swingman like James Posey who can shoot, defend, and can be our Matt Harpring.

    Our new lineup will be BD, Jackson, Wallace, Garnett, Biedrins.

    We’ll have Conley, Wallace, and Biedrins as our youngsters and BD, Jackson, Garnett, and Posey helping us try to win a championship now.

    Wow, these signings our total fantasy but one can always hope 🙂