Not Buying It, Nellie

Don’t be all shocked about Nellie’s “I may not come back” proclamation yesterday. I fully expect him to be back next year. You know why? Because the Warriors are going to make sure of it.
If you ask me, this isn’t about fatigue, or mental anguish, as much as it is about bread. Nellie wants more money.
Know how I know? For starters, that’s his M.O. Nellie is all about the dough. He’s sued one owner, and in the process of suing another. He imposes fines on his players and pockets the cash. His introduction song is Diddy’s “It’s All About the Benjamins.” Kidding about the last part.
Second reason, Nellie practically said so. When asked what date was he looking at to make a decision, he said July 1. Is it a coincidence that he’s targeting the first day of the fiscal NBA year?
Nellie’s only getting a few million next season. To his credit, he’s worth much more than that. He just did the job of an $5-8 million a year coach. I doubt the Warriors give him Phil Jackson money, but he will likely get a raise. A couple million is the perfect cure for mental fatigue.
Or maybe I’m just hoping that’s the reason, because that is perfectly treatable. If it is mental fatigue, physical breakdown — we are talking about a 67-year-old cancer survivor — then he just may not be back. And who’s willing to give that any real consideration. This team is not as good without his system. And it’s certainly not as good if the players get a coach they aren’t willing to jump through a wall for, as they are with Nellie.
Here’s to hoping Nellie is just being greedy.

Marcus Thompson

  • beau

    he’s spoken about this before, i think on knbr with ralph & tom. he feels this way every year. at the end of the season he’s exhausted, and always questions if he wants to do it anymore. then after getting some rest, he starts to get the itch again. he’ll be back. it might be money, though he did get bonuses b/c of how far he took the team in the playoffs. maybe he wants that guaranteed now.

  • Gre Crum


    In Lieu of Nellie,do you think Keith Smart as head coach with all the current assistants would do the trick?

  • AJ

    Nellie has all the money a man can every need and want! Why would he stoop so low and demand more money when nobody in the league would give him a job? C’mon Nellie – come back next year, but come back with some class and live up to your contract!

  • Marcus Thompson

    I think it would have to be Keith Smart. With this cast of personalities, there has to be a coach they would all respect and play for. Smart, I think, has that respect from them. Who else, that the Warriors can get, would do the trick? Not to mention, the new coach would have to have a similar system, which only narrows the field even more. At least Keith has experience under Nellie and is familiar with the system that works.

  • itsagreattimeout

    As a person at least partially familiar with how the body functions, I’d submit to him that he might feel better if he got healthy. He needs to cut out the garbage: booze, smokes, bad food. He needs to lose weight, get at least more in shape than he is. Try light weight exercises, swimming, aerobics; I’m sure there’s something he can do. I know there’s probably no way to convince him to give up on those things, but we should try.

  • commish

    I thought it was much more about getting some leverage to get the team he wants. In other words, more input and influence so 1. wouldn’t have to work so hard to even make the playoffs; and 2. to have a team that would go deeper in the playoffs. I never thought about the money aspect.

  • Marcus Thompson

    He did a great job getting an average team into the playoffs. But, they are just that – average as a whole. New Orleans should have been the eighth seed; but, they suffered more injuries than the Warriors. The Warriors have some nice pieces; but, do not have the talent to be one of the top teams. The whole league knows that the Warriors need a Boozer at foward. Heck, any decent power forward. They are much like the Houston Oilers with Warren Moon a few years ago. No tight end, just a run and gun team.

    The smart play would have been to use this year as a developmental year. Take the loses and a top ten pick. Use it on a power forward as this is the year of power forwards. Then take the league by storm next year. Instead, the Warriors jumped the gun. Nellie did his magic. What can he do for an encore? The Warriors are maxed out cap wise. Davis, Biedrins, Ellis, and Barnes need contracts. Do not have a top ten pick. Can’t sign any quality free agents. Next year everyone will be ready for the Warriors and know the way to beat them is to slow down the game.

    I doubt the Warriors will make the playoffs. Phoenix has a top four pick. Dallas will be back smarter and wiser. San Antonio is San Antonio until Duncan retires. Utah will be stronger. Houston, LA Lakers, Denver, LA Clippers, Portland, and New Orleans will contend for the playoffs. Not to mention a rejuvenated Memphis with Gasol and Oden. Now the smart play is for Nellie to quit while he is ahead. Walk away a legend.