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“Marcus, with all the fantasy trade talk and scenarios appearing in various blogs, is there any conventional understanding about trading within one’s own division or conference? For instance, folks talk about Reggie Evans of the Nuggets or even Arrest (I meant Artest) from Sacto? Assuming one of these players made sense to us, what consideration is given to giving our talent to a division or conference rival?” – commish

I think teams are genuinely weary of trading within the division. The goal of every team is to win a division, so strengthening foes is hardly ever an option. It would have to be a rare circumstance.
Last offseason, there was one inter-division trade: Kirk Snyder going from the Hornets to the Rockets. Before the trade deadline, Memphis traded Scott Padgett to the Rockets for Tsakalidis.
I have a hard time believing the Suns would help someone else win the Pacific by trading Marion to the Warriors or the Lakers.

Marcus Thompson

  • gswbandwagon

    I really don’t understand that philosophy. This isn’t the NFL where you need to win your division to have a shot in the playoffs and see division opponents for a big chunk of your schedule. Division championships are fairly meaningless in the NBA and you play each team only 4 times in 82 games. You can get the #2 seed without winning your division. And title contenders don’t (or at least shouldn’t) care about whether they won their division. Do you think San Antonio cares that they didn’t win their division? Is Steve Nash sitting at home polishing his Pacific Division Champions ring?

    Take Phoenix as an example. They have about 2 years left to win building around Nash (age and health issues). If they feel that a trade with a team in the Pacific gives them the best chance to win a ring in the next couple years, why not do it?