Pistons Going Down

It’s that time for LBJ to take over.
LeBron James, and the Cavaliers, have taken a step forward since they drafted him. His game has gotten better and Cleveland has gotten better. They went from barely missing the playoffs, to reaching the East semifinals, to reaching the East Finals.
Now, they get the Pistons. As his commercials suggest, LeBron has been waiting for this — a chance to get over the Detroit hump. I say he does it this time. Detroit has no answer for him, Zydrunas is looking better than he did last year, and Larry Hughes isn’t dealing with the death of his brother. Plus, Daniel Gibson is better than Flip Murray was for the Cavs last year.
James has just enough help to dethrone Detroit. This is the year.
Of course, he’ll lose to San Antonio in the Finals, which means the Spurs will be mentioned in this summer’s commercials.

Marcus Thompson