Draft Lottery Hurts Warriors

Since the Warriors couldn’t get either one, it would have been nice to see Greg Oden land in Boston and Kevin Durant wind up somewhere in Milwaukee or something.
Unfortunately for the Warriors, both are landing in the West. I know some of you think the Warriors are a lock for the No. 4 seed, but I think they are going to have to fight to get in again unless they make a move to significantly improve their roster. New Orleans, if they stay healthy, will be formidable, and you know the Clippers will respond.
With Portland landing the top pick, that puts another team in the mix. Check out their lineup now, assuming they pick Oden. PF Zach Randolph (who is an All-Star caliber player), F/C LaMarcus Aldridge, C Joel Przybilla, PG Jarret Jack (who might soon be replaced by Segio Rodriguez), SG Brandon Roy, Martell Webser (who has been disappointing), G Juan Dixon, F Travis Outlaw, even Darius Miles, who will come back from injury next season. They certainly have enough pieces to go out and get a quality small forward.
They are going to be tough.
Don’t sleep on Seattle either. Check out their starting lineup: Luke Ridnour, Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis (if they can resign him), Kevin Durant, Chris Wilcox. That leaves them a bench of Earl Watson, Nick Collison, Johan Petro, Robert Swift, Damien Wilkins, Mickael Gelabale, 7-footer Mouhamed Sene. That’s certainly enough to make a move.
Then there’s Memphis, which wasn’t as bad as their record. A healthy Gasol, a healthy Damon Stoudamire, Mike Miller, Rudy Gay, Hakim Warrick, plus maybe Al Horford or Brandon Wright or Yi Jianlian. They’re going to solid as well.
The Warriors, as currently comprised, might have a much harder time making the playoffs now.

Marcus Thompson

  • majic

    you mean fred jones instead of juan dixon (remember, dixon was traded to toronto for jones)

  • robbyrobb47

    i agree with u on 1 point on the lottery ,this will make the it harder to get in the playoffs,BUT!……with oden and durant coming to those teams….portland has sent out trade feelers for one of their top frontcourt players.Randolph or Aldridge (most likely Randolph) and seattle will be more apt to let rashard lewis walk without as much of a fight…..either one of these guys would be wonderful as a warrior especailly lewis who would be perfect for the warriors because he can rebound and run with the rest of the group………this draft has actually flushed out opportunity golden state wouldnt have had if it would have went as expected,now its up to the warriors to take advantage,lewis can be to the warriors ,what amare is to the phoenix suns.

  • AJ

    Marcus – what about the possibility of trading Monta and the 18th pick to Atlanta for the 3rd pick. Then drafting Al Horford to get the rebounding they desperately need!

  • Marcus Thompson

    I forgot about that trade. I was looking at the team salary report. Good catch majic. robbyrobb47, you are right about Portland looking to move one of their big guys. Randolph is their first choice, and Przybilla their second (both are high salary players). But you are mistaken if you think the Sonics will let Leiws walk now. They want him even more now. They were going to rebuild. But getting Durant gives them a legitimate big three (as far as the fans are concerned) for much cheaper than going out to add another star. They wanted to keep Lewis anyway (over Ray Allen). But now they are especially looking to keep him. Ray, Rashard and Kevin would give the fans just the hope they need to vote for a new stadium. And no way would Lewis be to the Warriors what Amare is to Phoenix. But Rashard might be a nice fit. He isn’t the answer at PF but he does give them another dominant scorer, which would allow them to flourish at their style more. But Lewis’ rebound numbers aren’t great (6.6), and he took more 3-pointers (387) than free throws (315), which doesn’t speak volumes for his post-up game or his ability to create. I didn’t see much of Seattle, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say he can’t guard the premiere PFs in the West. I’d take him for the right price, but if the Warriors go the perimeter route, I’d rather have another swingman type who can create and gets to the FT line more (and makes them).

  • Marcus Thompson

    AJ, I don’t see the Hawks moving down, not for Monta Ellis. Biedrins maybe. They need a big and a point guard. They can get both at No. 3 and No. 11. Going down to 18, they won’t. They’ll probably take Yi or Brandan Wright at No 3 and hope like crazy Conley is available at No. 11 (which he won’t be, so they’ll end up with Acie Law or Crittendon from G-Tech). If they’re really gangsta, they’d take Conley at No. 3 and nab Spencer Hawes or someone is available at No. 11. Or, they’d trade No. 11 and Marvin Williams to get the No. 4 or 5 pick, so they can draft Horford and Conley.

  • nycmike

    who out there thinks we’re “a lock for the # 4 seed”? We made the playoffs on the last day with help from the Clips and Mavs. The amazing postseason run shouldn’t blind us from how far we are from elite status. Marcus, any hope of packaging 18 and Pietrus (in a sign-and-trade) for an interior defender like Dalembert?

  • commish

    I posted these basic thoughts on the GSoM blog but felt I would put them here again. The four reasons I’m glad the West got numbers 1&2:

    1. As a season ticket holder I will enjoy seeing Oden and Durant play at the Oracle for a long time to come;
    2. The luck of Portland and Seattle “should” force the Warrior franchise’s hand in significantly upgrading our roster to compete for a playoff berth;
    3. I’m glad the “tanking” of Boston and Memphis got them what they deserved;
    4. As of bonus, the 3rd pick did NOT go to the Suns, who don’t need to get even better by drafting in the top 3.

  • Marcus Thompson

    That’s a great point commish. Can you imagine Phoenix with Wright or Horford in tow? …
    Pietrus and No. 18 might can get Dalembert, but would you want him at his salary? I wouldn’t. He makes way too much for a player with no post game. Plus, to get him, you’d have to move Andris because they are almost the same player.

  • manhattanproj

    wow marcus, you think conley can go as high as #3. i dont think he’s worthy of a top 10 pick. i think once scouts start to evaluate his game, especially his offense and his shots, he’s going to drop. i like his game, his poise and his floorsense but he played with alot of talents around him. i think he’ll be good at #18. definitely not in the top 10.

  • EJ

    I say we trade our pick for someone like Chris Wilcox or maybe even Jason Maxiell. A sign and trade with Pietrus might be able to get it done. I’m sure they’d love him coming off the bench in either Seattle or Detroit. But I don’t think we need anymore projects that need a couple years to develop. Nellie isn’t going to be coaching forever. I’d also love to get Earl Watson. How about Wilcox and Watson for our #18, Pietrus, and O’Bryant?

  • Marcus Thompson

    manhattanproj, sometimes that “getting value” thinking lands you Mike Dunleavy, because you convince yourself no way can you take Stoudemire way up there at No. 3. Sometimes, you’ve got to just grab what you need, and Atlanta came out and said that’s what they’ll do. No way Conley lasts until 18. He’s the best PG in the draft. Easily. Whatever flaws he displays will be tolerated because he’s so young. He’s already being projected as a top 10 pick.
    Hoopshype.com and Draftexpress.com have him going 6th to Milwaukee. NBADraft.net and Sports Illustrated have him going 7th to Minnesota. NBA.com and Insidehoops.com has him going 5th to Boston. Espn.com and Mynbadraft.com has him going third to Atlanta.
    The lowest I have seen yet is Aboutbasketball.com, which has him going 10th to Sacramento.
    Add to that a story that came out today saying Portland is looking to make a trade to move up in the draft so they can get Conley and Oden.
    If Atlanta wants to draft a PG, Conley is certainly their top choice. It makes sense to get him third because they have two picks. What does it matter if they pick him third or 11 if they can get two players high on their board? The reason you would pick him third, instead of 11th, is that he may not lost until 11. But there will be a pretty good big man at 11. Or, like I said, they could trade Marvin Williams and/or Speedy Claxton and move up to five, six or seven and take Conley there. Either way, he’s a top 10 pick, barring injury. Too many teams need a PG.

  • johnny t

    is gasol still available?
    harrington, monta, and our 1st for gasol?