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“Marcus, are you worried (or more importantly) should the league be worried about the increasing lack of parity between the East and West, now worsened by the luck of the two northwest teams getting two potential franchise players in the upcoming draft? I know one of the great appeals of the NFL is the parity that is now in place. Is the East becoming irrelevant in terms of talent and competitiveness? Maybe even more importantly, will some of the Eastern small market franchises ( Memphis , Milwaukee , Charlotte , etc) begin to lose their fan base?” – commish

I don’t think the league is worried as much about the East as it is about New York and Boston. As long as the big four have their fan base in order (New York, LA, Chicago, Boston), I think the league is fine. But because of the sponsorships and partnerships these big markets bring, it’s not good for the league to have Boston and Knicks sucking. From a historical and puritan perspective, the Knicks and Celtics fans are the most die hard, so there is a concern that since they have been bad so long now, they are starting to become irrelevant. That can’t happen. Especially not in NY. The Lakers are fine, the Bulls are rejuvenated. But the Knicks and Celtics fan base, which is national, is struggling. National teams bring in national dollars. Memphis certainly isn’t bringing national dollars.
As far as the East-West thing, that’s no matter. It will eventually shift back to the East at some point. There was a time when the West was clearly inferior. All you really need is one or two good East teams to make the Finals interesting, and everything will be fine.
A competitive integrity complaint might be coming. If three or four teams miss the West playoffs but would have made it in the east, you might start hearing more murmuring. But that’s not a bad thing because the league loves when the NBA is a national conversation except for when its about its players being unruly thugs.
Here’s a thought. With all the untapped resources in the Bay Area, which is usually locked up by the NFL and MLB, it seems like the league would love for the Warriors to be good. This is a large market, lot of money here. The Warriors have the potential to really rake in the dough out here.

Marcus Thompson

  • commish

    Thanks for such a good answer, especially the last point about the Bay Area market. Now, do you think the league could have a heart to heart with the referee corp in order for us to begin getting some half way decent calls. That would make us better fast!

  • zgreat

    I think the fans have done a good job of supporting the Warriors during the Cohen years, especially considering the poor product we’ve been given. Compared to our NFL and MLB teams, the Warriors are in a great position to sell tickets since the Warriors have an NBA monopoly in this area.

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  • EJ

    I think the fact that we’re named “Golden State” is the problem when it comes to our national appeal. While it is classic, it’s a little cheesy. Even with the Patriots’ success, the ‘New England’ name is hardly marketable. How about naming them ‘Boston Patriots’? Now that has appeal!

    We need an actual city rather than a region or nickname. Imagine this: Garden State Nets or even Beaver State Trail Blazers. C’mon now. Can we please just be the Oakland Warriors?

  • AlextheII

    Nah, eventually Ny and Boston will get better again. Let’s hope we can stay up next year with Oden and Durant coming to the west.

    Marcus, what would you think of the W’s getting up in the draft to get Joakim Noah? There is a lot of hate going on and his draft stock is falling. I think he can be great with us…

  • Marcus Thompson

    I haven’t seen much of him, but what I have seen (in the two NCAA tournaments) didn’t reveal much of a back-to-the basket game or an ability to create offense. If that is an accurate summation, he would be down on my list. It depends on what the Warriors give up, but I wouldn’t relinquish too much. They need someone who can compliment Biedrins, not duplicate him. They don’t need another intangible guy, but a tangible one. More than anything else, they need someone who can create offense. Most of the games they lost, especially in the playoffs, their defense gave them a chance to win, and their offense failed them. If they had another creater, whether it was someone from the perimeter or someone who can go to work in the paint. Having to work so hard on offense, and relying on the 3-pointer, will be their demise. They’d be a much better team — even with the poor rebounding and lack of a low-post defense — if they could score better in the halfcourt set.

  • manhattanproj

    blog question: who in this draft do you think will help the w’s?