C’mon, Larry Hughes

It’s amazing to me that an NBA shooting guard can’t make a wide-open 7-footer.
Everyone’s talking about LeBron’s last shot and whether he was fouled, etc. But Cleveland lost the game because Larry Hughes pulled the string on a gimmie.
What are the chances Rip Hamilton misses that? Derek Fisher drills it with his eyes closed if he’s playing the Warriors. Ginobili wouldn’t even have to shoot it. Once he catches the ball and no one’s around him, Flip can call the timeout because no way Manu misses.
Seriously, Larry? You missed that. Why not bank it? Why not lean in rather than fade away? Why not take one step in and dunk it? Dude, you have to make that shot! You just have to!

Marcus Thompson

  • Taylor

    Ya I thought that shot was money it was lined up straight just short b/c of exactly what you said he faded away glad he’s not in a W uniform anymore

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    LeBron’s team just isn’t good enough for him. The only guy who’s genuinely excellent in his supporting role is Ilgauskas.

    On the subject of the other exciting NBA playoffs series, where’s that guy ADAM at? I was hoping he’d be back to lecture us further about how much better Carlos Boozer is than Tim Duncan.

  • manhattanproj

    that’s why larry isnt playing shooting guard for any team that he’s been on. every single team that he’s been on, the coach tried to convert him to a PG, well except for washington.

    we should know his shooting touch more than anyone else b/c his shooting %age with the w’s was horrific.

    but i think he should have banked that. swishing it from that angle and that distance just makes the shot alot harder than it should.

  • peter puffer

    Hughes hasn’t improved since he was with the W’s!!!!! Isn’t the off season time to improve??!!! I would’ve had him in the ygm putting up 500-1000 shots a’la’ kobe!!!!

  • jim

    Blog question: The Warriors’ incredible run is even more incredible when you realize they played as a team something like 32 games together! What if this same team has next year to gel together? Did we really see holes in the Utah series (yes); but more than a team that could have won more games with a year playing this style? Or do you think the talent did reach its limit and needs major torking (big man, trading a key component)? Except for Powell, Foyle, and Sarunas, part of me wants to see what the same team can do in a season!