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“The Warriors’ incredible run is even more incredible when you realize they played as a team something like 32 games together! What if this same team has next year to gel together? Did we really see holes in the Utah series (yes); but more than a team that could have won more games with a year playing this style? Or do you think the talent did reach its limit and needs major torking (big man, trading a key component)? Except for Powell, Foyle, and Sarunas, part of me wants to see what the same team can do in a season!” – jim

I just don’t see it happening. Things don’t go that perfect over a season. You know how they say all you have to do is get hot at the right time? Well, the Warriors got hot. At the right time.
Can they do that for a season? The answer to that question can be found in another question: Can Baron Davis do that for an entire season?
My money is on no. The way he had to work to create shots in the halfcourt set, the way he hustled on defense, I don’t think he can play all out like that for an entire year. He needs help. He needs to be able to sit on the bench and have Nellie feel comfortable with whoever is running the show. Baron needs to be able to be just a threat sometimes, while someone else creates offense for others without mixing in four or five turnovers.
And even if they do run through the regular season at the same clip they did at the end of 2006-07, how much will they have left for the postseason?

Marcus Thompson

  • commish

    My guess is J-Rich gets traded, but if he doesn’t, he is the guy who has to step up on a consistent basis to give Baron some relief. I know Jax and Harrington can light it up, but until his days as a Warrior are over, he has to play a much more dominant offensive role. That alone won’t solve all of our deficits, but it will help Baron and his knees out a lot.

  • majic

    How about a brevin knight or speedy claxton to back up baron? back up point is the position we need immediate help at. If we can’t snag that rebounding low post scoring “big man”. Which big man can really truly help us pout there besides KG? Randolph? too plodding.

  • JJC

    Marcus, this year more than others, there appears to be an endless number of trade permutations … however, I would like your opinion of this possible slightly out of the box trade scenario between the W’s and the Lakers: BD + Harrington + draft choice (if needed) for Odom + Farmer + Radmanovic. The numbers would work, and the reasons why the trade would be mutually beneficial are as follows:
    1) First and foremost, BD would be the lynch-pin for both teams. The Lakers are looking for a star PG to team with Kobe. BD is not only that star PG, but fits perfectly within the Hollywood LA LA land celebrity crowd (bringing in Kate Hudson / Owen Wilson / Jessica Alba et al). The media has been speculating that BD can NOT be signed to less than a max extension. BD’s extension would now be the Laker’s issue. And for the W’s, although Farmer is nowhere close to BD as a scorer, with all of the other W’s scorers, I think the pass first Farmer may fit well for the W’s.
    2) This trade works for the W’s, as Odom + Radmanovic are Nellie ball type players, both of whom have been disappointments for the Lakers. The Lakers will see Harrington essentially is an even trade with Odom. This makes the trade really BD for Farmer and Radmanovic (but Odom and Harrington have to included to make the numbers work).
    3) The W’s starting 5 of Farmer, JRich, Jax, Odom, Biedrins, with Radmanovic as a rotation bench player would be substantially longer and more balanced offensively, defensively, and especially on the boards.
    4) The W’s long term cap flexibility improves and becomes less risky, allowing for reasonable extensions for Biedrins and Ellis.
    So Marcus, do you think this scenario might work?

  • manhattanproj

    it’s an interesting trade scenario. i wouldnt mind trading for odom but not at the cost of bd. looking at talent, it’s basically bd and al for odom. farmer is still a question mark and radmonavic will not thrive in nellie system b/c he’s not the long athletic type. he’s strictly a stand still shooter.

    this would be a big downgrade in talent. and it probably wouldnt send a gd message to the club as bd is the engine of the w’s. a big drop in morale, not good.

  • al gonzalez

    NOw that Kobe is demanding a trade, it would make perfect sense for the WArrirors to jump into the Kobe sweepstakes to go the next level.

    WE can offer J-Rich, Baron Davis, Micahel Pietrus, and a future 1st round draft pick for Kobe,

    We still would have Biedrins, Ellis, Jackson, Harrington, and Kobe to run and gun and take the Warriors to the next level!!!