Blog Question

“The Warriors’ incredible run is even more incredible when you realize they played as a team something like 32 games together! What if this same team has next year to gel together? Did we really see holes in the Utah series (yes); but more than a team that could have won more games with a year playing this style? Or do you think the talent did reach its limit and needs major torking (big man, trading a key component)? Except for Powell, Foyle, and Sarunas, part of me wants to see what the same team can do in a season!” – jim

I just don’t see it happening. Things don’t go that perfect over a season. You know how they say all you have to do is get hot at the right time? Well, the Warriors got hot. At the right time.
Can they do that for a season? The answer to that question can be found in another question: Can Baron Davis do that for an entire season?
My money is on no. The way he had to work to create shots in the halfcourt set, the way he hustled on defense, I don’t think he can play all out like that for an entire year. He needs help. He needs to be able to sit on the bench and have Nellie feel comfortable with whoever is running the show. Baron needs to be able to be just a threat sometimes, while someone else creates offense for others without mixing in four or five turnovers.
And even if they do run through the regular season at the same clip they did at the end of 2006-07, how much will they have left for the postseason?

Marcus Thompson