A + B = Kobe to the Warriors

Can you imagine Kobe in a Warriors uniform? He would have to either jack Monta for No. 8 (of course, if Kobe comes, Monta likely goes), or find a new number, because Rick Barry’s 24 is hanging from the rafters.
For the record, I would do it in a heartbeat. Yes, Kobe can play Nellie ball. It might even be the perfect system for him because he’ll be foreced to give up the ball to keep the tempo fast, yet he has the skills to carry the team in a slower-paced, half-court game (i.e., the playoffs).
Here’s my proposal:

Warriors get: Kobe Bryant

Lakers get: Jason Richardson, Monta Ellis, Adonal Foyle, the No. 18 pick, and next year’s first round pick.

The Lakers get a proven scorer in JR, a budding star to cling to in Ellis, they get a contract that will come off the book in two years and two first rounders. If they insist, I’d give up Al Harrington instead of Foyle and keep one of the two picks.

So, what would you give up to get Kobe?

Marcus Thompson

  • manhattanproj

    if the lakers would go for it, i would give up j-rich, foyle, sarunus, and a re-signed barnes or pietrus. if dont have to, i wouldnt give up ellis or the picks because now that kobe demanded a trade, they dont have the leverage. but the lakers probably want nothing less than a baron davis. would you still do the trade if it means giving up davis? and can kobe co-exist with davis? who’s going to have the ball in the closing seconds? that’s the first question to ask before making any offers, i think.

    but if the bulls want kobe, it’s as good as a done deal. deng or gordan, tyrus thomas, and some others to make numbers match. young talents that kupchiak wanted to rebuild the franchise along with bynum.


    KB24 would be a sweet addition
    to the Warriors family. Mully should do whatever it takes to have him in a Warriors uniform. Imagine Kobe taking Nellie ball to it’s full potential and elevating highflyers teammates to the next level dynasty in the making. Give lakers whatever they want for Kobe… He’s the man!!! Bay Area suddenly have mega superstars well if Mully can pull this off we will definitely be one of the team other teams will be terrified in playing against. Go Warriors!

  • itsagreattimeout

    Marcus, did you get the email I sent you a couple hours ago? I proposed essentially the same trade as you, minus the picks. I say do it! This is our once in a generation shot at one of the best of all time! Do it now!

  • Sasie

    NOT A THING! Dont bring that Cancer to the Warriors. GSW needs to keep the chemistry together cuz we will be there again next year! JUST SAY NO TO KOBE!!!!!!

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    Kobe is a great player, particularly in the clutch, but trading for him doesn’t address the Ws’ weakness inside. I really am stuck on trying to package some of the players you mentioned for either Garnett or J. O’Neal. And I agree with Sasie that Kobe’s personality leaves a lot to be desired. I think he had so much success so young, that he takes winning for granted, and certainly took for granted the incredible situation he had with Shaq, Jackson, and the super-professional Horry/Fisher/Shaw supporting cast. If he and Shaq are able to act like grown-ups and patch things up, they probably would have at least one other championship by now.

    I don’t buy this whole line that it was “Mr. Buss” who wanted to trade Shaq for a second. Why would you break up the Shaq/Kobe dynasty unless you absolutely had to for extra-curricular reasons? Kobe was threatening to sign as a free agent with the Clippers, for goodness sake.

    Gotta love watching the Lakers implode. Can somebody say West Coast Knicks?

  • commish

    I am a Kobe hater so you can take my comments from that context. I read Kobe has a no trade clause in his contract so that any team getting him would have to pay an additional $13 Mil to the Lakers. Additinally, you can see his narcisstic attitude if things don’t go his way; not to mention that he’d even come to the Warriors, which I doubt under any circumstances because he wants to play for a serious contender. He’s a time-bomb and it would only be a matter of time when would he implode on the Dubs.

    He is an incredibly talented big baby in a man’s body. Who needs his enormous ego? I say no to Kobe.

  • zgreat

    I may be mistaken but I thought there was a restriction on trading your draft picks in consecutive years.

  • Anonymous

    No deal. Totally different direction on what GSW wants to do. Warriors only need a role player who could defend and rebound complementing the offensive skills of AB. They need a player like Mislap (Jazz).

  • Phil Johnson

    Kobe would wreck the Warriors chemistry. He is an example of the super athlete who has been pampered and fawned over since he was a kid star. He has never had the chance to develop into a comprehensive human being. He lives inside his ego bubble. He is a selfish guy who would disrupt the Warriors in the clubhouse and on the court.

  • john motroni

    I usually don’t answer a question with a question but, in this case, it’s appropriate. How do the Warriors get better and go farther than the 2nd playoff rounds by giving up the players you mention and getting Kobe?

  • Marcus Thompson

    john motroni, the Warriors would be a significantly more potent offensive team with Bryant next to Davis. That’s two unstoppable players. As phoenix has shown, you can play defense by being unstoppable on offense. With Kobe, Baron won’t have to work as hard, and Bryant is a better defender than JR. They’ll be better in the halfcourt set, too.

  • JustPuked

    The truth is its pure speculation on our part when we attempt to assert the motivation and thoughts of NBA players on the court. We’ll never really know what Kobe is thinking and to assume that we know who his is or what he’s about is presumptuous.

    On the other hand the body language, facial expressions and actions of NBA players on the national stage are examined repeatedly and they give us a clue as to intend and purpose. Plus a life time of common sense tends to play a role. That being said…

    Kobe comes off as the most spoiled, selfish, arrogant, narcissistic, calculated, conceited and vain player currently in the NBA. Please, please to not bring the divisive, toxic, malcontent of a drama queen onto the Warriors. I’m sure Tim K is already salivating at the prospect.

    The last thing the Dubs need is that Diva messing up the chemistry on this team. I’d rather add, Van Exel, Artest, Maxwell, Rodman and both Wallace’s than Kobe. At the very least, you can see their version of crazy coming from a mile away.

    Kobe comes off as a snake sporting a halo, a used car salesman weaving visions of ticker tape parades and teammates becoming life long friends when all he’s really doing is admiring himself in the mirror, stubbornly ignoring reality and enforcing his belief that he’s a superior player to Michael “feakin” Jordan in every conceivable way. What the hell is wrong with the real world, don’t they know I’m Kobe! The greatest player ever!??!

    By all accounts, he was a significant factor in advocating for Shaq’s trade from the Lakers and his glaring lack of leadership skills borders on comical if it weren’t so sadly evident that he truly believes he now carries the “heart and soul” of the Lakers on what in his warped eyes are his deity like shoulders. You wanted a team in your image, reap what you sow byatch.

    He’s now up for nomination of the exclusive club habited by Chris Webber, Erica Dampier, and Mike Dunleavy … Players for whom Warrior faithful would very much prefer to never see holding a NBA championship trophy. I realize he rode Shaq’s coattails to three already but maybe we can create a sub category for player whom we don’t want to see holding one ever again. Anyone second that nomination?

  • johnny utah

    OK, here’s the deal, from the perspective of the team that knocked you out of the playoffs.

    We’d give Karl Malone, Jeff Foster, Greg Ostertag, and an old torn-up poster of Pete Maravich. Plus, the Lakers would get a lifetime supply of frequent flyer miles to SLC, on any airline, in order to see their former Los Angeles star lead the Jazz to victory.

    And Radmanovich can ski Deer Valley for free, all he wants. (But everyone from LA, and the Bay Area too, for that matter, must stay away from Alta and Snowbird forever.)

    In return, we keep Derek Fisher.

    Oh… you’re talking about Kobe? The Lakers can keep Kobe.

    They deserve him.