Kupchak Must Go

No matter if Kobe stays or goes, Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak needs to be shown the door. Seriously, what has he done well since taking over for Jerry West.
He got very little for one of the greatest centers of all time: Lamar Odom, Caron Butler (who they traded) and Brian Grant.
They made the deal worse by giving up Butler, who turned out to be an All-Star, to the Wizards for Kwame Brown and Laron Profit.
*He hired Rudy Tomjanovic and signed him to an obscene amount of money.
*His free agent signings have been Vladimir Radmanovic, Maurice Evans, Shammond Williams, etc.
I’m coming off the top of the head, so I could be missing someone. But obviously there aren’t too many great moves because they would be easy to remember. Really, what has he done? He got Phil to come back. Good move, but a no-brainer. He drafted Bynum and Farmar. Both nice picks, especially where they picked them.
But overall, he has failed to provide an ample supporting cast for one of the best players ever. For that, he should lose his job.

Marcus Thompson

  • commish

    Marcus, have you lost your mind (kidding of course)? But seriously, let’s keep this guy around for as long as we can. Just like we love Larry Bird and Donnie Walsh and want to keep them around in case we need O’Neal sometime soon.

    Why would we want these basketball genuises anywhere other than they currently work? I suggest an immediate retraction and hope Kobe or Dr. Buss don’t read your blog.

  • PhillyJ

    Marcus, what about Mullin signing Dunleavy, FOyle, Murphy, Fisher to those bloated contracts? What about Mullin drafting Dunleavy, O’Bryant, and a bunch of deadbeats except for Ellis. He should be fired for that then too.

  • The Wood

    Mitch Cupcake is running the Lakers into the ground. The O’Neal trade on its own should get him banned from the league. Mully recovered from those ugly contracts by dealing them away when he had the chance, I think he was thinking like a player when he gave out all that cash. He’s learned better. Cupcake traded Butler for Brown — a big that couldn’t get it done in the LEastern Conference where there are no bigs — as an experiment? C’mon! Bring back the Logo!

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    C’mon Philly J — Mullin’s record is more mixed than that, and you know it. In addition Ellis, Biedrins was a real find, and except for Foyle, he’s managed to erase his contract mistakes. Locking up Richardson long-term turned out to be the one contract gamble that worked out. And the Davis trade was a steal. And getting Jack and Harrington, who have better contracts, for Murphy and Dunleavy? That’s highway robbbery!

  • Marcus Thompson

    phillyj, are you really saying Kupchak has done a better job than Mullin? Feel free to remind me of the good moves Kupchak has made.
    As for Mully, I’m not apologist. But you have to give him credit for what he has done. He did trade for Baron. He did correct four of his five mistakes (hiring Montgomery, overpaying Foyle, overpaying Fisher, overpaying Murphy, extending Dunleavy). He unloaded Fisher, Muprhy and Dunleavy and he replaced Montgomery). Oh yeah, add luring Nellie out of retirement. As it turns out, firing Musselman (Mullin’s decision) was also a good move. He also drafted Andris Biedrins, who no one knew would be this good, and got Ellis in the second round. So Mullin has some gold stars to go with those head scratchers. Can’t say the same about Kupchak.