Kobe is Justified

The easy thing to do right now is to rip Kobe, call him selfish, a diva, etc. There is certainly truth to such. But part of me sides with Kobe.
These players get branded as selfish and greedy, but these owners are the same way. There is NO loyalty, on either end. So, to me, its unfair to brand the players for being disloyal when the franchises are often equally shady.
What if Bryant is right? What if Buss did make the decision to not give Shaq an extension independent of Bryant’s input? Isn’t that shady of Buss to let Kobe take the knife in the court of public opinion? Isn’t that a good reflection of Kobe to keep that information to himself for so long?
What if they did promise to surround him with more talent when he signed? Can we say they’ve held up their end of the bargain? And if they didn’t, shouldn’t he have the leeway to grow sour with the franchise and distrust their promises to make the team better in the future?
I can’t believe I’m defending Kobe!
Bryant clearly had his motives, which is why he went on Stephen A show, then on Dan Patrick’s show. Why not go back to Stephen A and recant? Why not tell this to the LA Times in your exclusive with them the day before? He clearly had a plan.
But so do these teams. They connive and scheme, too. They manipulate the news and save face in public perception regularly. The lie to the fans, go back on promises and con with the best of them.
Kobe is right for looking out for himself. Who else will?

Marcus Thompson

  • beau

    actually, I couldn’t agree more with you. owners, stern, the nba have created a greedy environment. one that extends breaks in between playoff games to maximize the tv dollar, that quickly attempt to cut ties with players who they deem “past their prime” no matter what they’ve done for a franchise, that hypocrytically enforces a dress code on its players so they don’t “turn off” the white, suburban fan base, but still don’t have a problem selling those retro “gangsta” jersies that iverson et al make iconic, fashionable, desirable. why shouldn’t the players then look out for their best interests. that is all teams/owners/stern do. if they are simply pieces to be moved around, marketed, and used to create dollars (in other words, to be commodified), then those players should certainly wield their power as the ultimate draws(why we watch) to get what they want. and kobe isn’t really demanding something outlandish a la Roger Clemens. He just wants to win. I still can’t stand his pompous ass, but can’t blame him for a desire to be the best.

  • Marcus Thompson

    Very well put. I couldn’t have said it better. You keep on preachin’!